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How to Overcome Sexual Frustration as a Couple

Almost half of the US population over the age of 15 is married. Several other couples are having sex regularly via stable dating and uncommitted, casual relationships.

Sex has proven itself to be a foundational element of success in any relationship. Because of that, when things are going awry in a couple’s sex life, chances are, things are going broadly wrong in their relationship.

If you’re sensing sexual frustration in your marriage or alternative style of partnership, keep reading this post. In it, we share simple tips that can help you move past your problems and hopefully, find stability and happiness with your partner.

Sex seems to be the glue that helps intimate relationships stay balanced. We look at how couples can deal with sexual frustration at any relationship stage.


The first step to overcoming sexual frustration is sharing that it exists. Remember, partners aren’t mind readers. While they likely get the sense that something is wrong, they won’t know for sure that their counterpart is sexually unhappy unless the words come out.

No matter what side of the conversation you’re on, the frustrated or the person that’s creating frustration, sit down with your partner and let them know you sense an issue. From there, everyone should create a safe space to come clean so a solution can be worked towards.

Get on a Schedule

Scheduling sex may seem unromantic but it’s becoming an increasingly powerful tool in a couple’s toolbox. We’re all inundated with responsibilities, entertainment stimuli (ie: social media), and hundreds of other things competing for our attention.

All of that can wreak havoc on partners desiring each other.

By setting time aside each day, say, Thursdays at 8 pm, to drop everything and initiate sex, you can give your brain the mental break it needs to feel sexual longing and to retrain yourself to appreciate the meaningful presence of sex in one’s life.

Try Things You’re Uncomfortable With

Having the same kind of sex, even frequently, can lead to sexual frustration. The best way to get around that is to experiment sexually, even when that makes you uncomfortable.

Experimenting with different modes of pleasure while having sex can be embarrassing. To counteract that, you and your partner must maintain a good sense of humor and support one another through the process. While things may start out feeling silly, you could stumble on a few go-to means of initiating orgasms that you’ll lean on for years to come.

Get Counseling

You can read blog posts on building intimacy and addressing sexual needs until you’re blue in the face and may not come away with helpful solutions. A lot of that has to do with physiological factors that affect sexual frustration and their best being managed by a trained therapist.

We recommend looking into professionals in your community. Just a few sessions with them and you may find the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Don’t Predispose Yourself to a Life Filled With Sexual Frustration

Sexual frustration is an issue that couples experience en-masse. This is even true of couples that seem happy on social media or in public.

Throw out the stigma associated with having sexual concerns and start communicating with your partner. If you can break that talk barrier and are open to feeling vulnerable, we’re confident you’ll overcome your issues.

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