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5 Tips and Tricks to Live on the Cheap When Traveling

The idea of traveling the world is appealing to many people. But not everyone has the money to finance their travels. What we can do to satisfy our taste for traveling is find ways to live on the cheap as we’re visiting amazing destinations.

And if that’s something that is appealing to you, then we have the perfect article for you. In this article, we will give you 5 tips and tricks to live on the cheap when traveling. With all that out of the way, let’s start.

Try To Eat More In Than Out

Whenever visiting a place you’ve never been before, you’ll likely want to sample the local cuisine. When that’s the case, heading for the nearest restaurant might be tempting. But eating out is a great way to burn through your traveling budget.

That’s why the first tip and trick on how to live on the cheap has to do with managing food economy. Instead of heading out for every meal, make sure you eat breakfast “in”. If you’re staying in a hotel that offers breakfast, make the most of it. You can even stash a few pastries for later.

Instead Of Paying For Public Transport, Walk

The whole point of traveling is to see amazing new places. Whenever visiting a foreign city, you’ll likely allocate a budget for public transport. After all, what better way to reach your destination for the day?

But there is indeed a better and cheaper way to visit each attraction. While it’s likely impossible to travel on foot to each and every attraction, make sure to grab a pair of walking shoes and visit the attractions that are indeed reachable.

Only pay for public transport if you have to travel long distances or in the outskirts of town. But regardless, a great way to live on the cheap is not to spend money on public transport. It might be more difficult to reach your destination, but it will be all worth it in the end.

Find Cheap Accommodations

The reason why you’re traveling is to see what the world has to offer. Thus, expensive accommodations shouldn’t be your primary focus. While everyone want’s to stay at a fancy hotel with a pool and plenty of amenities, that won’t be possible if you’re looking to live on the cheap.

Instead of paying for fancy hotels, why not save tons of money by renting cheap apartments and similar accommodations? You’ll be surprised to find out just how much money you’ve been spending on 4 and 5-star hotels when you can buy a few more days by going with Airbnb.

More so, the room doesn’t have to be anything special as you’ll be out exploring all day. What’s important is for the room to be clean, have a bed to sleep on, and be in relatively close proximity to tourist attractions and popular sites.

Don’t Overlook Dumpster Diving

Before you say anything, hear us out. If you’re the sort of person that wants to visit the whole world, you will have to find clever ways to manage your economy. Dumpster diving is seen by many as degrading but it can actually be one of the most clever ways to live on the cheap.

Instead of paying for food, what you can do is head to the local supermarket and look for food that’s been safely disposed of at the nearby trash container. What makes dumpster diving so great is that most of the foods supermarkets throw away are fruits and vegetables. Considering that they have a pretty low shelf life, the supermarket will dispose of the food once they start showing signs of wear.

You can get quite creative and look for the best places to go dumpster diving during your travels.

Travel By Bus, Buy Used

If you’re planning on seeing the world one country at a time, then no doubt you’ll be spending a lot of money on plane tickets. But there is a way to save plenty on traveling. Instead of going by plane, why not go by bus?

The great thing about bus travel is that it’s significantly cheaper. More so, you won’t have to pay for luggage every time you buy plane tickets. No doubt you’ll carry with you plenty of clothes and items to make your travels much easier.

But it’s impossible to travel the world in a single month. Depending on how much time you plan on spending on the road, you’ll need new clothes, new shoes, and items to accommodate your needs. It can be tempting to visit the nearby mall and see what stores have to offer.

But instead of doing that, why not look for second-hand stores and buy clothes and shoes for a cheaper price? After all, this is an article explaining to you how to do just that.

Finishing Thoughts

Country hopping is great if you’re the sort of person that doesn’t like spending much time in one place. But it can be quite expensive. There is no better way to satisfy your taste for traveling than to learn how to live on the cheap. We hope that our article with the 5 tips and tricks will come in handy when the time to do so comes.

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