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How To Make Your Melbourne Hamper More Creative


No matter how much you struggle to decide what to give someone as a present, you know that hampers will always rescue you and save the day! Our lives have become so fast-paced that we hardly ever have the time to give an-out-the box gift to someone we love.

A carefully crafted hamper is a perfect way to show your love and care for your favourite people. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, farewell, wedding, or even an achievement celebration – a hamper is a perfect fit for all occasions. Did we mention that you are allowed to reward yourself with one too? There are various options if you are looking at buying such hampers in Melbourne from the Hamper Emporium.

We have prepared a list that is far from traditional to make it interesting for the recipient. Let’s look at all the creative hamper gift ideas to make someone’s day in Melbourne!

Hello Botanical!

For all the plant lovers out there – this is your calling. If you love the presence of indoor plants in your space – Hello Botanical is there to present their line of products to blow you away. They are definitely not the traditional hamper item, but hey – who doesn’t love an unconventional gift. They have a delivery option all across Melbourne to make the process hassle-free for their customers.

You can just hop onto their website, select items you like, and voila! It all shows up in the form of a beautiful hessian pot holder.

The Indoor Plant Co

The whole idea of giving someone an indoor plant represents growth, prosperity, patience, and good luck. It is truly a wonderful way to support and be there for your loved ones. It also adds to the aesthetics of the recipient’s home or workspace. You give it to someone with the hope that they will look after and nurture the plant every day, and as they do it, they will remember you – what a beautiful way for two people to connect.

All you need to do is look into the impressive range of plant life at The Indoor Plant Co. They have plant-centric packages, boujee self-care toiletries, ferns, and many other options to pick from. You also have the freedom to customize their products to add your personal touches. They even offer same-day delivery in Melbourne, so if you are running short of time, they’ve got your back.


Bagnum is a collaboration between Urban List and Built to Spill – two local legends. They have come up with an easy-to-pour bagged delicious wine. They have the boujee factor even though they are bagged. Each Bagnum contains 1.5L of Australian wine from Sparrow and Vine. They have a range of three options: a Bagnum Sangiovese Rosé, a citrusy Semillon Bagnum (white) and a Nero D’Avola Bagnum (red).

They have gained a lot of popularity due to being environmentally friendly with their packaging. There’s more! They also have fast-chilling AstraPouches that have a lower carbon footprint by 80%. The smart packaging promises no leaks with the nozzle design that activates with the tap of your fingers.


Steller offers a solution for everyone when it comes to giving gifts. Their website is user-friendly with filter options of prices, specific people, or occasions. They are also a very popular choice for office or corporate gifts. You can look into their wide range of choices to celebrate the people of your life.

‘Tis The Box

‘Tis The Box presents the recipient with a curated box of beauty products that are suitable for all skin types with seasonal ranges.

For spring, ‘Tis The Box has a whole range of “pamper-yourself” products, including silk and satin pillowcases, pink clay masks, a premium sponge glove, and plenty more.  You also have the option of selecting size, colors, types according to your preference. This is a luxurious way to show someone you love them.


Bellabox is another beauty product gift hamper. Bellabox has won hearts with the sample boxes that scream out luxury and pamper. You can sign up your best friend, colleague, or mum for a monthly pamper package. They will cater to their skin type, age, and other requirements. They ship everywhere in Melbourne too! Bellabox is the perfect way to truly make a girl happy!

You can tailor a plan to suit your giftee, and they’ll deliver the box wherever you want. It’ll cost you just $19.95 a month, which is a steal when you consider what that gets you.


Who doesn’t love flowers? Lvly has an edge over other similar stores due to their reusable flower jars. They have gift packages that include candles, artisanal coffee, hand creams, bottles of wine, bubblies, and many more. They also have a selection of classic bouquets for their customers. If you were to give a special present for your parent’s 50th birthday, look no further! There are statement hampers that have a lush factor for customers who are looking for something extravagant. Any occasion or celebration – Lvly will have you sorted for sure with their customizable options with same-day delivery in Melbourne.

Das T-Shirt Automat

Something more bespoke? Say no more! Das T-shirt Automat offers customized t-shirts, mugs, totes, cushions to help you put together a complete hamper. A one-stop solution for meaningful gifts. You can have a lot of fun with their products. For example, if you are celebrating your best friend’s birthday or bachelor party, you can get t-shirts with their face on them.


Brewquets is an online beer delivery service with a motto: no more cellophane. They have introduced a new way to present gifts in an unconventional way. They craft their beers and handpick them for the perfect hamper. They also throw packs of jerkies and wrap them in hessian bags, making it look super fun! They also offer home delivery with a personal message. Isn’t it the perfect way to make someone’s day?


Shouta is an Australian app that helps you to get smaller gifts for your loved ones instead of the traditional bottle of bubbles or bouquet. The name suggests you give a shout out to your mates, co-workers, loved ones through their range of gifts. There are gifts items from $5 to $250 – so there’s something for everyone, regardless of your budget. They have movie tickets, pick-me-up manicures, chocolates, and many other options to choose from.

Manflower Co

Beer combined with presents is equal to Manflower Co – as the name suggests – what’s not to love! You can enjoy your present while sipping on your beer. They have a range of gift packs that contain beers in almost all of them. Their product packaging is the true winner here – as they have maintained both class and quality. You can also add a personalized message to these packages.

Little Cupcakes

Who doesn’t like sweet little treats like cupcakes? They are absolutely gorgeous and mouth-watering that make the perfect gift for every occasion. They even have simple and less decorative cupcakes for people who like traditional cupcakes. They have a range of sweets like Cherry Ripe, Belgian Chocolate, Dark Horse Coffee. They also cater to vegans, lactose, and sugar intolerant customers too. If you are not a cupcake person, you have the option of buying brownies or cookies from their stores.

Daily Blooms

Daily Blooms offer same-day flower delivery service all over Melbourne! They handpick fresh flowers every day from the finest flower markets to make them available to their customers. They sculpt a beautiful and creative flower arrangement that stands out from the regular store-bought bouquets.


Vinomofo – guys that took the stuffiness out of wine. They are currently one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia. They are even present in Singapore now! Their recipe is simple and smart – tasty wine, no fuss, and cheap deliveries to every single corner of Australia. You’ll get a curated selection from some of the best vineyards in Australia. If you love your wine, you know what that means in terms of taste!

Magnum + Queens

Magnum + Queens is another wine source that’s grown in the past year or so. They are run by some of the top Melbourne sommelier Virgginia Selleck – so there are no compromises there! They only stock the best stuff out there. You are free to order up to 12-bottle packs and have them delivered to your doorstep. They are also really innovative with their packaging. Every bottle comes with a relevant tasting note to guide the drinker.


Melbourne’s had a hard run in the last two years after Covid-19 hit the country. It has been bumpy for the locals, with the entire city being hit with so many restrictions to visit their family and friends. Even with such limitations, Melbournians kept going strong with the support of their loved ones. 

Gift hampers have been a major way to express gratitude and appreciation for the support our friends and family have provided. A big thanks go to all these amazing online-based services that made gift-giving possible. We hope you had fun reading our list of creative and budget-friendly ways to pass on some of Melbourne’s top experiences to your loved ones!

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