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How to Make an Essay Longer – 5 Tips and Tricks

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Writing is something that every student must do in their lives. You also must learn how to make an essay longer. It can be about anything from science to entertainment. Essays require students to do extensive research or see help from essay writers if they want to pass.

Starting from the introduction, detailed points in the body, thesis statement, conclusion, and to references, everything should be well-written. More information on how to write and choose the best essay helper can be found here, where you can read essayservice reviews and ensure you’ve made the right decision.

But, there is something else that can be a huge problem for students beside extensive research. I am talking about the right word count or number of pages. You certainly don’t want to write a report that is too short, because then it deemed to be inadequate. So, being able to write an essay that is ideal in length is something that you must do. Here are some tips and tricks for you to do to make an essay longer.

How to make an essay longer? Add more details

Many students tend to rush to conclusion when writing essays. Or, when they are too eager to make their essays longer, they added too many fluffs that the quality of their essays degraded. The trick here is to add more details.

The key here is to elaborate on your points further. Whenever you are writing something try to explain more about it to make it clearer. But since the explanation is still related to your points, it won’t make your essay difficult to read. This can also be the proof that you understand about the subject enough to explain it in detail.

Extensive research

I have mentioned this before, and I can’t stress this enough. If you want to make your essay longer, the most reliable way to do this is by doing extensive research. If you have done your research, you can write pretty much anything you want, and it will be great. Furthermore, every tip and trick in this article also relies on you having done your research.

Remember that you will need to do your research in the right places. Try to identify which sources are credible and which are not. Students who can do their research well, will be able to write any kind of essay with the right length no problem.

Use several examples

This is probably the easiest tip you see in this article. Whenever you want to provide your argument, try to provide real examples of it. This way you can make your essay longer and stronger at the same time. If you do your research deeper, you will find more examples that you can use in your essay. But remember that you need to learn to look for credible sources first.

Check back and confirm

After you’re done with your essay, there is a chance that it is lacking something. Take some time to ready your paper back and see if there are gaps in it. See if it is missing some details or explanation that could improve the quality of the essay and effectively make it longer. Never think that your essay is already detailed enough, there is always something you can add to make it more complete.

Read through your textbooks, remember what your teacher said in class before. You can create an outline before you write your report as well to make it easier to remember stuff. An outline can also help you once the essay is already done. Once you find the gaps, write more details and explanation immediately before you forget.

Transitional sentences and phrases

Transitional sentences and phrases can not only make your essay longer but also easier to read. These are the tools you need to show how one paragraph or sentence or section is related to the other. The more cohesive your paper is the easier your teacher can read it. When you think about it transitional sentences and phrases can add more value to your report as well. Everything will flow smoothly, and you can definitely make your essay longer this way.


Making an essay longer can be challenging but it can be fun as well. Remember that adding fluff is counter productive and not the objective of this article. You can definitely make your essay longer and improving the quality at the same time.

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