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8 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday With a Boat Party

Did you know that 9% of the world’s birthdays are in August? Even if yours isn’t in this month, it’s still worth celebrating another trip around the sun!

Whether you’re having a milestone birthday or you just like to go big, you might be thinking of ways to throw a huge birthday bash. In that case, we’d suggest going out on a boat with your family and friends.

If you aren’t convinced that you should celebrate your birthday on the water, then keep reading. Here are 8 reasons why you should have a boat party!


1. It’s Intimate

Have you ever been to a party where you felt like the setting was just too large? It’s no fun to lose people all over the place.

When you have a boat party, everyone will stay in one place. You’ll be able to mingle with your guests without fear that you haven’t seen someone for the entire night.

Even if you rent a larger boat to host a big party, it’s still intimate in the sense that everyone’s in one place. You won’t have to worry about people wandering off since there’s nowhere to go!

Regardless of the size of the boat you rent, there won’t be pesky strangers accidentally walking into your party, or worse yet, purposely crashing it to get a good time on your dime. 

2. You’ll Get a Fantastic View

If you’d like to dazzle your guests, then there’s nothing better than being out on the water. Not only will you be on top of crystal-clear water, but you’ll also get a view of the coast and the city.

You might think a beach party offers the same thing, but not at all! When you’re out on a boat, you’ll get Instagram-worthy pictures with a unique waterfront view. This is especially true if you go out at sunset, where you’ll marvel over the sun’s reddish ray hitting the ocean.

3. It’s an Escape From the World

Perhaps the pandemic and other worldwide events have you fed up. If you could, you’d take a rocket into space to get away from it all.

While you’ll still be on the planet, a boat party will take you away from land and into the vast ocean where it’ll feel like you’re the only people on Earth. This will truly make your birthday party feel special, like a VIP event that only the coolest people are invited to.

4. It’s Classy

Have you always wanted to feel like you’re part of the elite? Well, with a yacht party, you can!

You can rent luxurious yachts that fit you and your guests comfortably. Drinking in good company on the pontoon seats will create a relaxing experience. A dress party, and you’ll feel even more like you’re rich and famous. 

Yacht parties give you an intimate and laidback setting to celebrate your birthday in style and class. If you’re interested in renting a yacht, then learn more here.

5. You Can Party Away

Don’t want a quiet birthday celebration? Then fear not, as you can get the opposite of a quiet boat party as well!

In fact, there are many companies that cater to young (and old!) revelers who want to eat, drink, and dance the night away. These boat rental companies will provide you with the necessities for a good time, such as a DJ, tasty food, and delicious drinks.

All you need to do is to add a touch of entertainment to your day and the party can begin. A customized yacht inflatable slide is a great way to add excitement and entertainment to your next boat party. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, company event, or just a fun get-together with friends, a personalized inflatable slide can make it even more special.

Adding a customized yacht inflatable slide will not only make it more unique and memorable, but it can also help you stand out from the crowd. In addition, they can perfectly match the theme of the party and serve as a major decoration attribute.

All you and your guests need to worry about is showing up and having a good time!

6. You Won’t Bother Anyone

When you throw a party on land, you have to worry about the people around you. At home, you’ve got neighbors who want to go to sleep early and need quiet time after 10:00 pm. And at a venue (like a restaurant), you’ve got other diners who want to have a peaceful dinner without people screaming next to them.

By throwing your birthday bash on a boat, you won’t bother anyone at all! You can play music as loud as you want, and talk, scream, sing, etc. as loud as you want as well.

A boat party enables you to celebrate exactly how you want, with barely any restrictions!

7. You Won’t Have to Lift a Finger

While having your birthday party at home is cheaper, you still have to set everything up, buy the supplies, and then clean up afterward. The mental toll it can have on you probably isn’t worth it, especially if you’re planning on inviting a large number of people.

Out on a boat, everything will be taken care of beforehand so you just need to show up. In some cases, you’ll need to bring your own food and drinks, but you can ask everyone to pitch in if you want. Otherwise, many boat rental companies include these things, as well as entertainment.

8. Don’t Worry About Drunk Driving

For many parties, alcohol’s involved. It’s easy to have one too many, especially when you’re celebrating a birthday.

With so many guests running around, someone might slip away and try to drive home while under the influence. Not only can they get in an accident and injury themselves (and others), but they can also face legal consequences.

Having your party on a boat means everyone’s on board for the entire duration. You can stop serving drinks a few hours before you dock again to ensure everyone’s sober enough to drive once they get back on land.

Have an Unforgettable Birthday With a Boat Party

If you’ve got a birthday coming up, then we highly recommend booking a boat party. Not only do you get a private party with fantastic views, but you also eliminate the possibility of disturbing others.

So book a boat and you won’t regret it. You and your guests will make unforgettable memories that people will be talking about for years to come.

If you need more help with party planning for other important occasions, then check our blog page for more useful articles.

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