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How to Get a Promotion at Work

In our modern sphere, career progression is at the forefront of people’s priorities more than it ever has been before. Whether trying to compete with sales leaders or up-and-coming lawyers, establishing yourself in a professional capacity has never been so important. It’s no longer solely about money, people take pride in their job roles and want to perform their duties in the best way that they can.

This contributes to goals of being promoted, yet not everyone knows how to navigate this progression up the professional ladder. So, what steps can you take to ensure that you get promoted in the workplace?

Consistently Set and Achieve Goals

In order to be a trusted employee, you need to be transparent about setting goals and going out of your way to achieve them. This will show your employers that you’re passionate about your job, whilst also highlighting the fact that you constantly deliver quality work. As a result, you’ll be deemed as capable and confident which will contribute to putting you in line for a promotion.

Be Clear About Your Goals

Being clear about your goals will display a devotion to your role and, in turn, the company. If your employer is confident that you know what you’re doing and where you’re going, they’ll feel that you can be entrusted with more important tasks. In order to be clear about your goals, you will need to know and measure the outcome of your goals, whilst assigning a realistic timeline. Once you have these in mind, you can convey them to your employer which will keep the boss updated on where you’re at and where you should be.

Achieve Goals with Integrity

It’s all well and good achieving your goals but if you’re inconsiderate or disrespectful in the process, that doesn’t bode well for your career. You should always be patient and considerate of other people’s situations and not discriminate against anyone in any way.

Similarly, you shouldn’t be too intimate or personal within your business relations whilst also ensuring that you’re not rude or dismissive. Respect is key when establishing yourself in a professional capacity.

Build Trust with Your Manager

Ultimately, your manager is in charge of your position within the company so it’s important to establish a good relationship if you want to progress. Your manager is more likely to promote you if they feel that their business is safe in your hands. The best way to gain trust is to deliver on your targets and communicate effectively.

Furthermore, having good judgement will enhance the amount of trust that they have for you. If you show that you have the best interests of the business in mind, you’ll be a trusted and valued employee.

Build Trust with Your Team

Your position within a company doesn’t merely come from your relationship with your manager, but also from your other colleagues. If your other colleagues don’t like or respect you, it’s unlikely that the manager will be inclined to advance your influence within the company. It’s important to maintain a good relationship will all members of the team otherwise your reputation in the company will suffer.

Help Others Succeed

Working to achieve your own goals isn’t enough to make you stand out from the crowd, you should also invest time into helping others reach their goals. This will show your employer that you’re a real team player and don’t resent others for their success.

An employer’s main goal is to ensure that their whole team is successful, if you contribute to this, you’ll be a valued member of the company.

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