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How to Buy an Electric Bike: 4 Tips for Buying Your First Electric Bike

The popularity of cycling boomed in 2020, and that popularity seems like it’s here to stay. More people are tossing away their reliance on cars and opting for a more compact method of transportation. Are you thinking about joining them?

While there’s nothing wrong with traditional bicycles, if you have a need for speed, you might want an electric bike. We’re here to talk all about how to buy an electric bike that suits your needs. Read on to learn more. 

Are you looking at buying an electric bike? Read our guide about how to buy an electric bike with great tips to help you select the best bike for your needs.

1. Know Your Intended Use

Not all electric bikes are the same. The way that you intend to use the bike will play a large role in the type of bike that you use.

The best electric bike to buy will vary depending on if you need something sporty or something just to get around town with. Riding a Velotric ebike can help enhance your physical and mental health.

Do you want something that you only use once in a while, or do you plan on using it as an everyday vehicle for commutes and other daily needs? 

Bikes break down into several categories: 

  • Electric cruisers
  • Electric road bikes (for frequent bike commuters)
  • Electric mountain bikes (for sporty cyclists)
  • Electric folding bikes
  • Electric cargo bikes

There are specialty electric bikes as well. When you’re shopping, evaluate your lifestyle to determine which type of bike will suit you best.

2. Set a Budget

Keep in mind that if you want to buy a brand new bike, you’re going to have to set aside a good amount of money. One of the top tips about electric bike buying is to expect to spend more than you previously assumed.

Some budget bikes can go for a few hundred dollars, but these bikes are compact, not great for commuting, and definitely aren’t great for sports. They tend to be foldable.

Sturdy electrical bikes that serve several purposes can be well over $1,000 if you buy them new. Click here for more information about electric bikes and their costs.

3. Check Reviews

You should always read reviews before you buy an electric bike. This is a large and expensive purchase, so don’t make it on a whim. Browse through the review section on every website that carries the specific model that you’re looking for.

Make sure that the reviews apply to you. You want to find reviews that match your intended purpose and, ideally, your build (weight and height). This way, you can get an accurate idea of whether or not the review is suitable for your interests. 

4. In-Person or Online Shopping?

It’s far easier to find a wide variety of electric bikes when you’re shopping online. A good piece of advice about electric bike buying is to visit local brick-and-mortar shops first to get a “feel” for the bikes and then look online to check prices.

You may be able to sit on bikes to get an idea of what sizes would be most appropriate for you. It would be unfortunate to find the perfect bike online, just to realize that you can’t get comfortable. 

That’s How to Buy an Electric Bike

Figuring out how to buy an electric bike starts with determining your needs and setting a budget. Start browsing through bikes and find the perfect one for you. Have fun on your new biking adventure!

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