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How Do DVC Rentals Work? The Complete Guide

What’s better than a cost-effective, deluxe vacation at a great destination? Especially when it’s got that magical Disney touch?

Not much! Knowing this, the Disney Vacation Club offers family-friendly entertainment and services that keep you entertained, well-accommodated, and fully relaxed.

Prepare to be wowed by Disney’s unique events, amenities, and recreational experiences. To help you obtain the knowledge necessary to book your next vacation, this post will explain what’s so special about the Disney Vacation Club (DVC), how DVC rentals work, and how you can take advantage of these opportunities.

What a Disney Vacation Club Is

Disney Vacation Club is “a vacation ownership program or timeshare that can be a more cost-effective way of taking Disney vacations”, according to DVC’s official site. DVC owners invest in points and can rent out those points to those that want to book rooms. Renters get a far better deal renting points than if they initially invested in points themselves.

Special Benefits of DVC Rentals

Other resort experiences don’t really compare to DVC’s. Although they may also have great service, amenities, etc, you won’t get a Disney resort experience anywhere else. Disney produces a resort atmosphere that’s both nostalgic and exhilarating, making DVC the perfect experience for anyone with fond Disney-defined memories.

You’d also probably prefer DVC rooms to regular Disney Hotels. If you want an extraordinary, unforgettable trip that worth far more than it costs, plan your vacations at DVC.

DVC hotels are also great for parties that would like to stay at the destination for longer stretches of time. They’re also comfortable enough for you to feel right at home, all in the shroud of Walt Disney’s magic.

The Rooms

DVC undoubtedly offers more comfortable amenities. Even their smallest rooms, called studio villas, feel like studio apartments rather than traditional hotel rooms.

All DVC rooms have other lounging furniture like sofas while Disney Hotel units are typically only furnished with beds. Disney Hotel rooms can also only fit so many people, whereas DVC offers a wide array of room sizes to accommodate larger-sized groups.

Disney hotel units and the smallest DVC units can only house four or five people, plus a child under the age of three. So if you’re trying to plan a trip for a group of five or more and everyone in your party is over the age of three, then you’ll have to book one of DVC’s larger rooms.

Kitchen Space

If you ever want to prepare your own food, then you’ll want to rent a DVC. Disney Hotel rooms only have a mini-fridge and perhaps a coffee-maker. DVC’s smallest units have all that in their kitchenettes plus a toaster, microwave oven, sink, and other disposable utensils.

Access to the Resort

Not only are the rooms more comfortable to stay in, but every DVC hotel guest has access to the shopping, dining, and recreational amenities at the main hotel. DVC point users also have access to Disney’s Magical Express, Disney transportation to the parks, Extra Magic Hours, and more. There are even fitness classes at the DVC resort, allowing guests to exercise regularly even if they’re on a long vacation.

Available DVC Resorts

Most Disney Vacation Club destinations are on Florida’s Walt Disney World’s premises. But there are also destinations in other parts of the US, such as California and South Carolina. There’s even a location in Hawai’i! Check out different DVC locations on the official DVC site.

How the DVC Program Works

If you’re still struggling to navigate the program, we’ll explain the process in simple terms. Although DVC is a multi-faceted program, you just need to know a few basic things to start booking your rental.

What Are Points?

What DVC owners can do in a “timeshare” or “ownership program” is buy points and book reservations with those points. They can book rooms up to 11 months in advance at their “home resort”. Points can also be used at other DVC properties but those reservations must be booked 7 months in advance since they’re not being used at the home resort.

Different resorts, room types, and seasons all affect point price. Owners can also “bank” points from one “Use Year” to the next if they don’t plan on using their current points. They can also “borrow” points from the next “Use Year” to the current one if they want to use it for a big trip.

What is a DVC Rental?

Renting is ideal for most prospective vacationers eyeing a DVC room. Obtaining points directly from Disney as an owner is a commitment.

But as a renter, you don’t need to commit long-term and you can book a deluxe room at a modest cost. All this, plus the perks that DVC points can afford.

Renting DVC points is easy. Renters can communicate with individual DVC owners and haggle with them. This process requires a bit of trust, as you’d have to hope that they don’t run off with your money.

There are also sites that either need a reservation request or already have confirmed reservations that you can just immediately select. Check DVC Shop Rentals’ DVC confirmed reservations to see which reservations you can book! They’ve got check-in dates for nearly every calendar day so that you don’t have to send in a reservation request and see if it’s available. 

Ready for Your Vacation?

DVC Rentals come with it all: that iconic Disney experience, wonderful entertainment, high-quality facilities, and an exciting destination. If that sounds like your perfect vacation, then you’re ready to reserve a room!

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a stunning vacation that’s just as comfortable as staying at home, but far more thrilling and memorable. 

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