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How Cutting-edge Bilateral laser measure revolutionized The Way Of Measurements

The laser measurement sector has recently undergone a significant transformation with the advent of the brand new form of bilateral laser measuring tool has changed the way measurements are taken. The bilateral approach to laser measuring not only enhances efficiency but also elevates the ease of use, making it a groundbreaking development in measurement instruments. Its impact is especially notable among builders, interior designers, craftsmen, and DIY enthusiasts, who now enjoy a level of precision and convenience previously unattainable.


The Mileseey DP20 Pro stands apart as the epitome of bilateral laser distance measure. Finished in a combination of magnesium-aluminum alloy and plastic, the DP20 Pro showcases a nice and high-tech look. Rather than having just one laser, the laser gadget has three. Two at the two ends are for measuring lengths and one is for a visual reference for marking.

This magical guy allows you to capture distance from any position along the line of measurement by emitting laser beams from two opposite directions. The game-changing measuring solution offers unprecedentedly easy measurement in complex or cluttered spaces, and there is no need to move all the way to the wall or other.

The bilateral laser measure captures three distances at a time with a button click—the left, the right, and the total. This makes it three times the efficiency of a traditional measurement tool. While the DP20 Pro is built to be bilateral, it can be easily switched to a single direction with a button click.

At the core of the bilateral technology is the patented integrated coaxial optics mechanism, ensuring that the two opposite laser beams share a common geometric axis 100%. This advanced design guarantees a bilateral accuracy of up to +/-1/16” within a maximum measuring range of 390ft.

The Mileseey DP20 Pro stands apart with versatile measuring modes. Along with the fundamental modes such as length, continuous, area, and volume, it also offers advanced indirect measuring modes including indirect horizontal distance, indirect height, and stake-out.

The continuous mode calculates distance 3 times a second, giving you real-time monitoring of the distance when you’re trying to reach a distance or locate a position you want.

The indirect measurement allows you to make easy measurements in a space cluttered with obstacles or where there is no ideal target reflector. Picture this: You need to measure the distance to a wall some distance away, but something—such as furniture, plants, or whatever is blocking the clear shot for the laser to reach the wall. In this circumstance, simply tilt a light beam above the natural target and up onto the wall, the DP20 Pro automatically calculates the horizontal distance by processing the captured hypotenuse (the tilted line to the wall) and the tilt angle.

What sets the Mileseey DP20 Pro apart is the 1/N line segment split function, an ideal measuring feature for interior design where you need to get things evenly spaced. Simply pressing the 1/N button, takes the horizontal distance with the two-way measurement and breaks the distance into even intervals. 1/2 indicates you are splitting the distance in half.

The feature allows you to split the distance into fractions all the way from 1/2 to 1/16. As you move the tool to the left or right, the device beeps if you hit the marking of the intervals. Switching on the middle laser, and using the built-in digital level, you’ll get a visual aid helping you precisely mark the intervals and ensuring your hanging items are perfectly vertical.

There is a built-in 1/4-inch tripod thread hole so you can mount the device on the tripod whenever and wherever you need convenience for hands-free operation. If you are going a handheld measurements, the digital level indicator shown on the OLED display gives you the confidence that you are getting an accurate reading.

If you want to track your measurement results, the device stores up to 20 groups of data. If you want more, you can connect your device to the paired Smart Life App that can sync your measurements for later viewing and store data in up to 1,000 groups. The App allows you to draw a plan of the space you are measuring.

Just drag and drop the measurement you acquired to the corresponding length you’ve drawn to notate the length. Alternatively, you can work with an on-site photo. Just upload an onsite picture of a space and draw dimensions with lengths. Then tap the dimension you want to notate and select the measurement result that lives at the top of the screen. The App will overlay the measurements to the dimensions.

Forget about keeping a bunch of dry batteries on hand that are not environmentally friendly. The DP20 Pro has a 1000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that offers over 1,0000 measurements per full charge. There won’t be a dent in the battery indicator and it will continue to display 4/4 battery indicator bars even after you’ve taken hundreds of measurements.

Key features:

  • One-way/two-way measurements
  • Crystal clear OLED display
  • 390ft measuring range and +/-1/16” accuracy
  • 1/N line segment fraction split and middle marking laser
  •  Fundamental and advanced indirect measuring features.
  • 1/4-inch tripod thread hole
  • 1000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • App and data transmission
  • Magnesium-aluminum alloy housing and timeless aesthetic appeal.

Key benefits:

  • Convenient and time-saving, leaving behind the days of wall-searching
  • Allows a safe and accurate way to take measurements without ladder climbs
  • Protects health by reducing repeated physical exertions like kneeling down.
  • Allows for a cohesive and harmonious visual display in interior design by offering
  • accurate consistent intervals.
  •      App connectivity syncs measuring data, enables plan construction, and simplifies     workflow.
  • Large capacity of data storage
  • Environmental friendly and long-battery runtime that contributes to the uninterrupted measuring operation
  • Elaborate design that contributes to a more professional image

The Mileseey DP20 Pro laser measure has a sleek design and incorporates unique features that are not found on other models. These special features make it a more versatile unit than other models you might be considering. If you are on the hunt for a leading-edge laser measure for complex measuring tasks in your projects, take a close look at what the DP20 pro can offer. 

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