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Hanging out in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica


I’m writing this from a close to catatonic state in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica. I’ve been here two nights now and have done not much more than just relax, completely relax… I’m staying with a friend of a friends and I’ve noticed that when you’re happy at home, you make trips to town for supplies instead of sights. When you’re at a guesthouse, hostel or hotel you take all these day trips to get out and about as there isn’t much going on at home, yes?

As a result most of these photos are just from town and the like. It’s as though I’ve become inseparable from the couch and chairs on this second story patio. I’ve also gotten some great information and ideas about construction down here for my goal of a friendly but fort like dwelling at some point. Apart from that, this place is sorta like not being that far from civilization while being somewhere totally remote, I love it.

For starters, it’s a 4 hour drive through intense dirt roads to get here from the highway, the best option is a water taxi or ferry during the day. Yet at the same time, the internet is blazing having just grabbed a small application at 122kb/s… In town there is everything you need and the vegetable shop had tables upon table proudly displaying fresh produce and we’re currently in dead season. Most of the roads aren’t paved but the main drag is and they have a super market with everything you’d need and get this, two banks!?

It’s also really laid back and relaxed, partially due to location I’m sure but also because besides locals, not many tourists come through this time of year. Just yesterday while lounging on the patio I saw a local gent come by with a hand line and catch a fish fit for a frying pan with a single cast or so. The plan is to do some investigating in the not too distant future but I’m just enjoying the “chilling at home” vibe too much if that makes sense to you. Also, what’s the rush?

That said, loving Puerto Jimenez and catching up on computer related things that need attention.

Oh yeah, fresh avocado costs $0.40 each and if you like coconut water, just pick a tree…

Tips hat,

P.S: Coconut water + Flor de Caña is HIGHLY recommended.

P.P.S: Special tip to those who found us via “Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica” on search engines.

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