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Hamilton Island, Australia is Heavenly


Greetings from Hamilton Island,

I’m writing this from the 16th floor of the Reef View Hotel on beautiful Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia. I had heard that this place was beautiful and all I can say is that all the reports I had heard were absolutely correct. I’d go as far as to say this place is quite heavenly and most certainly plan on making the most of my time here. Picture an island in the middle of paradise that is ~40% developed with the rest left to nature; electric golf carts is the style of transportation and you’d be hard pressed to find a single soul that isn’t genuinely thrilled to be here…


There are about 1500 residents who live here and 1500 staff; the rest are vacation goers who have found a place to get away from it all. Hamilton Island is the gateway to the 74 islands called the Whitsundays. It’s also the only island with an airport and every amenity you’d expect in a world class holiday destination. Besides white sand beaches, it’s also the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef that I’m off to explore tomorrow and it hosts one of the most scenic and beautiful golf courses in all of Australia located a short ferry ride away on nearby Dent Island.


There are countless restaurants here to appease any taste and they have a luxury resort at the north end called Qualia. I’ll be heading there in a day or so to do a champagne and oyster pairing which I’m quite looking forward to. During the day people are hanging out on the beach or taking part in the countless activities such as snorkeling, sailing, paddle boarding, jet ski tours, fishing and more. Personally, I went in search of peel and eat shrimps before strolling around taking shots and getting some video.


I found this really cool pool with a swim-up bar and in the evening, they play movies on this massive screen. It was cool as people were surrounding the pool and others swimming while the movie played. I came back to my room to get my swimsuit on but was so relaxed and jet lagged that I lay my head down for a minute and woke up 15 minutes before my dinner reservation at coca chu restaurant which is the island’s newest addition specializing in south-east Asian cuisine. Only regret is that with such said snooze, I missed sunset cocktails at the yacht club or on top of one tree hill but I’ll live!


Lots of great choices so I decided to order three appetizers instead of going the traditional route. I enjoyed the cured black kingfish salad, green papaya salad and the betel leaves with lobster. All of them were delicious and if you want some seafood and papaya salad I suggest you order the cured black kingfish as it was basically a combo of both. That said, the lobster was one of the best appetizers I’ve had in recent memory; I love lobster and this was prepared to perfection.


I’m only here another few nights and I’ll be happily busy until I leave. Besides what I’ve mentioned there are countless other things to do from tennis to mini-golf. I’d love to do it all but I’m on quite a schedule, yes? Tomorrow I’m off with Cruise Whitsundays to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef and go for a helicopter tour of the area. I’ve heard that the diving here is some of the best in the world and quite looking forward to it. I’m in the mood to see some crazy sea creatures up close and personal and will be bring my GoPro, naturally.






I’d continue but it’s getting late and lots to do tomorrow.

In closing, huge thanks to Tourism and Events Queensland and Hamilton Island for their hospitality, what a place!

Tips hat,

P.S: Absolutely love my hotel room, it’s my dream studio; stay tuned for a video.

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