Day on the Links at Sturgeon Point Golf Club, Ontario

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Today we’re going to discuss a course I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have played recently. This course is rich in history, scenery and atmosphere. The course is called Sturgeon Point Golf Club located in Sturgeon Point, Ontario. The Village of Sturgeon Point is the smallest municipality in Ontario and the course got its birth in the 1890’s; the land was originally purchased in 1891… The holes for the most part weren’t that long and it was more of a shot makers type course.


I arrived not knowing much about the course but knew I was in for a treat when I started to see how well this historic course was kept. The original clubhouse still stands and is now the pro shop. The course itself was in great condition with large old growth trees lining some of the fairways while others were cleverly placed throughout the hole to make an otherwise routine shot a challenge for those who don’t strike the ball with precision.


The course is a non-profit undertaking that basically has one solid mandate and that is to ensure that the lands are forever used as a golf course. There are 10 directors who have done a stellar job and I had the pleasure of meeting one of them at the clubhouse on my way to the first tee. The fairways reminded me of some private courses I’ve played and the greens were often protected by bunkers while rolling true; it was truly like taking a trip through time.


The course hasn’t always been this way as when it first got going, it was obviously old school style. The fairways looked like modern day rough and the bunkers were made of stone and rock. It’s a 9 hole setup with different sets of tees for those wishing to play more. The par 5’s are straight and long but deceivingly tricky. Both of the par 5’s have well placed old growth trees in the fairway to make you think twice before pulling that 3 wood on your second shot.


The links were private until 1929 and in that year there was a meeting to organize a Golf Club. Over time various improvements have been made until you get the product that we see today. We played it on a weekday and it was quite quiet besides the odd lucky resident enjoying a round. The course is known for being the most well kept course in the region and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.


Considering I didn’t manage to land any large fish which was the primary objective of visiting the region; this day at the links was the highlight of my trip. If you’re ever in the Kawartha Lakes area, I suggest you contact Sturgeon Point Golf Club and book a tee time. The course itself is located about 20 minutes or so from Bobcaygeon.


The day my father and I played was overcast after a rainstorm of sorts; I’m curious how these photos would have turned out with blue skies and countless clouds?! The course is situated along the coast of Sturgeon Lake and after you play; I suggest you take a short drive through town as it’s quite quaint and right on the lake.


In closing, I’d like to thank Sturgeon Point Golf Club for their hospitality, it was a lovely day on the links.

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