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Full Moon & Monsoon in Islands

my blogging station in Koh tao thailand

Tonight is the full moon party in Koh Phangang, Thailand. 30,000 strangers, taking to a beach and just dancing. Supposedly it is an experience unlike any other.

People are leaving for full moon all day, I’m going on the 3PM ferry, when I get there I will immediately look for a room. Going to take it easy, if I didn’t go to this “event” which may be once in a lifetime, with a big gang, I’d not be able to blog on this here website, for I, would be boring.

I have booked the 3PM, it’s more expensive but it’s a speed boat, I paid 350 baht. The 10 am slow jammer is just too early, and too long. I am keeping my room here for 300 baht a night. When I get into Koh Phangang I may look for a place to stay the night, or just wing it with the rest of the people. I’m sure it will work out, always does.

I am curious about the “traffic jam” of a line up to get off the island tomorrow. Most ferries have a max capacity of 260 people or so, as you can imagine, there will be lines.

I could bring my stuff, but I heard from many people, after the party, you’re done with the island, makes sense, yes? Also I want to get back to Koh Tao, do some snorkeling before leaving back to the mainland and traveling North, destination still unknown.

The tide is incredibly high, lots of wind. Locals are taking down parts of their shop / bars in preparation for the coming monsoons. Also full moon’s usually make for some crazy waves. The ocean is so high already, that it’s nearly in cabin. The wind is also picking up, big time. As I write this trees are bending and what not, how exciting. Either way, after I get back from Koh Phangang, first thing to do is get off the islands and away from potential danger and back on this trek.

Last night I went to an internet shop and found one computer that let me login to my website, this is sooo weird. Just checked again and all I get is a  blank page. Assuming this one computer lets me access it, should be good to go. Yesterday I did *everything* I had to work related, feels good. However, this is a bit dis concerning to say the least, not being able to access your businesses is a scary thing when it’s your main income source.

Suffice to say, tonight should be interesting, bringing my camera of course. I’m currently hanging out with a guy from California who started an affiliate network and sold it, it’s funny, everyone who is traveling long term went through a similar “frosh week” experience when they first set out, once you’ve had enough you quickly revert back to your prior self, expanded network and get back to “doing your thing”.

I made a video from the “Look Out” on top of Koh Tao, click here.

Ocean side pool in Koh tao thailand

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