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Coffee & Office Life: A Perfect Match

Coffee has been a long-standing favourite with office workers all over the world for decades, and with good reason. Whether it’s to perk up in the morning, to get over the midday slump, socialise with colleagues, or improving focus, coffee continues to play an important role in the lives of office workers all over Australia. Coffee and office life go hand-in-hand, and with coffee standards at an all-time high, more companies are embracing the benefits that coffee can offer. 

Many savvy business owners are installing state-of-the-art coffee machine rentals in their break rooms to allow their employees access to great coffee. Privileges like this help to boost employee morale and show your staff that you care about their well-being. What’s more, offering delicious coffee in the workplace will cut out those runs to the local coffee chain, allowing your team to spend more time collaborating and socializing during break times. 

Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons that coffee and office life are the perfect match. 

Improves Focus And Productivity

Caffeine has been proven to improve focus and concentration. Coffee can help your team to stay alert and allow them to focus on the job at hand with more clarity. When a person begins to feel tired, the brain releases a chemical called adenosine, which makes us feel tired. Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning that a cup of coffee can give tired employees the boost of energy they need to improve brain activity, stay focused and be more productive

Encourages Socialising

Creating the right environment in your office is crucial in ensuring that your team is happy and content in the workplace. Encouraging interaction between your employees can help to promote creativity and collaboration in the workplace that can have a positive impact on productivity. Having a dedicated break area with good coffee will encourage employees to stay and interact with each other in a social manner. Improving staff morale in this way and building team spirit will encourage your employees to be more productive in their roles. 

Reduces Lost Time

That quick morning and afternoon coffee run might not seem like it takes up much time but it takes longer than you might think. Between taking all of the orders, going to get the coffees and handing them out to each employee, you can lose half an hour or more pretty quickly. What’s more, as soon as their order is in, most employees will be distracted from their work as they eagerly await the arrival of their order. Having great coffee in the office means your team will spend more time focused in the office and less time running to the nearest coffee chain. 

Makes Learning Easier

Office environments are dynamic with something new always going on. Whether it’s the introduction of new technology, a change to business processes, adapting the workflow or dealing with a new client, your employees are always learning. Coffee has been proven to have a positive impact on memory, decreasing forgetfulness and making it easier to learn and retain new information. For those working in dynamic offices environments, that cup of coffee can help team members to stay alert, pick things up quickly and deal with problems more efficiently as a result. 

Coffee Will Continue To Fuel The Modern Office

As more and more businesses begin to discover the befits of offering top-quality coffee in office break rooms, we can be certain that coffee will continue to play an important role in the business world going forward. Coffee helps us to start our day on the right foot, stay focused, be social, learn faster and adapt to new challenges. For those working in today’s fast-paced office environments, the benefits of coffee are unparalleled, making office life and coffee the perfect pair.

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