7 Powerful Productivity Tips for College Students

As a student, there is a constant pressure to maintain good grades while being social and taking out time for yourself. A testament to this is the sheer number of students looking for an essay helper to manage assignments! That is why we have some smart techniques that will teach you how to be productive in college and have a balanced life.

Track Your Time

It is not easy to manage time in college. However, if you keep track of your time, you will be able to increase your productivity. Try breaking down all your activities into small tasks and divide your hours.

You can install a planner or schedule keeper on your mobile phones. The automatic notifications will help you in keeping in line with the timetable that you have made.

In the beginning, it will not be easy to allocate time to each task just by predicting. For this purpose, try to time yourself for a day or two and see how much time an activity takes. Suppose you have an assignment. Start your stopwatch and end it once your task has completed.

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Set Yourself Deadlines

Once you have broken down your entire schedule into individual tasks, you must now set competitive deadlines. Challenging yourself and pushing your boundaries always result in greater productivity. You must first realistically set a deadline for your task and then try to complete the entire chunk of work a day before the deadline.

This technique will prove to be very fruitful in the long run as you will be able to shrink the time for your activities and fit in more chunks of work. Not only will you beproductive in college, but the time that you have saved can be spent relaxing or hanging out with friends.

Plan Ahead

Planning is a good habit to have as a student. It will help you focus on the current task more, and at the same time, you will be prepared for the upcoming tasks. It can include your assignments, deadlines, or even any extracurricular activities you have planned.

You will need a calendar or a planner to keep those dates in your mind and help you not forget things. Planning should not be only limited to your assignment and quizzes. You can apply this in your daily life for which you can use a to-do list.

It will help you not get into a clutter where you are multitasking continuously. This makes it the best productivity tips for students. Instead of multitasking, you will be able to focus on individual tasks. By planning, you will also eliminate the habit of procrastination.

Get Plenty of Sleep

As a student, you need your brain to function properly so that focusing on your studies is not a problem for you. Getting proper sleep is very important as it is the key to be productive in college.

The recommended hours for students are 8-9 hours of sleep. Sleeping properly keeps the brain function properly. It also helps you in reducing stress. We all know that in this modern world where everything is moving very fast, just the act of keeping up with can be very stressful for us mortal beings.

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Practice Memory Tricks

Yes, you heard it right! Memory tricks are possible. It is quite similar to the mnemonics we used to make to remember a difficult word. For example, I always remember the word “Acumen” by learning the mnemonic “IQ-man.” Isn’t it amazing?

Well, this technique can be applied to your professional college degree too. You can make up a song for the bullet points of a heading or make up a funny word using the first word’s alphabets from each sentence. Once you master this technique, you can move towards advanced memory tricks such as “mind palace” techniques. It will make a major contribution to student productivity. Remember, an average person can become a memory champion.

You can easily access the videos of memory champions who will teach you memory palace tricks using a deck of cards. You can then apply these to your notes and use them for quizzes. You must practice a lot and be patient.

Start Assignments Immediately

People might have a lot more tips for college students than this one. But trust me! This one makes a difference. The longer you wait to complete a task, the more you will forget. If you are not fast enough to retain information and apply it, then you are in for long study hours.

You will spend a lot of time studying the same concepts that were taught to you in class. By not completing your work immediately also contributes to the habit of procrastination. Always turn off the distractions and start your assignment as soon as you get home or your room.

Try to make short notes of what you have studied in class. Please do not make them by looking at your notebook or lecture slides. Try jotting them down using your memory. It will polish your memory skills and save the hassle of making short notes before your exam.

Study in Different Places

student productivity is directly proportional to the environments that you study in. Have you ever witnessed artists? You will find them in the weirdest places. Once I found an artist in a busy market place. There were people, cars, loud noises, and a lot of dust.

Somehow the artist was in a zone of creativity. It was then when I understood that you must find a place where you will concentrate the most. It can be a park, a café, or your room. It will not be easy to figure out at first.

For this purpose, you must start your mission today. Try reading a book or writing an assignment in different places. You will find one of the perfect. It will be the place where you will be able to concentrate and focus irrespective of the distractions around you.


All of us are very different; something that works for me might not necessarily work for you. You must try all of the points above and find what works best for you. In this way, you will create your formula for success, contributing to your productivity and your future life.

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