Cobra Whiskey – Effects and is it Safe?!

Let’s talk about cobra whiskey, the most insane type of snake whiskey available. The effects are fast and strong. I tried some while I was in Luang Prabang. Luang Prabang is home of some tasty cobra, scorpio, tarantula whiskey, indeed it is. I really like these wonderfully weird whiskey’s you buy from the side of the street.

cobra whiskey in Laos

Cobra Whiskey – What is it?!

Chum or Tom, not sure how you pronounce his name, makes some MEAN cobra whiskey. I have eaten a king cobra heart while it’s still beating in Vietnam so now it was time to drink the whiskey from such said snake.  The whiskey is mean, very intense and very strong effects like the sign suggests. After I drank it, I threw a mini-cooper into the Mekong, sadly my camera battery died. If you’re into strangely strong drinks and don’t mind risking your life, you’ll love it.

Snake whiskey in general is for people who enjoy drinking a plethora of poisonous things you’d never want to encounter in the wild. Should you visit, I suggest you visit him and “give it a shot”. It has cobra, other snakes, scorpions, weird centipedes, all sorts of creepy crawlers. Basically anything that is poisonous, he finds and crams into these jugs and lets them ferment, hmmm…

There is such a thing as cobra wine as well, I can’t imagine it tasting much better. Imagine sitting down to a formal dinner, pouring a delicious glass of white cobra wine? Yeah, you’d be dead after a bottle. If not dead, probably wish you were the next morning. Just look at the pictures, it gives you an idea of how it smells. The taste? That’s what makes it a unique whiskey.

cobra snake whiskey laos

Effects of Cobra Whiskey

Describing the cobra whiskey effects as “intense” is an understatement and tastes like nothing you’ve ever had before. (duh!!) I had this a few more times with various different people, it really burns. It feels like you’re drinking gasoline, not that I’ve done that before. I suggest you sip it slowly instead of just down it. Then again, that would be kinda boring and painful so there we are.The only way to manage this snake liquor is by downing it fast. Paying the price, then enjoying the ride.

There was this dutch dude who was like 50 who says he has one every night. He said  I give him a formal hat tip where I actually take the hat off, a sign of true respect and admiration.

Cobra Whiskey Safe to Drink?

Is cobra whiskey safe to drink? I have no idea and for legal purposes, I’ll have to say probably not. That said, if you like a real rush and a buzz you won’t find elsewhere, try it. Realistically, it has to be incredibly bad for your esophagus and your stomach doesn’t like it either.

I don’t recommend you drink cobra whiskey daily like that Dutch gent. If you’re a real adventurer who likes a good party, hit a shot or two. Do that before roaming through the markets at sunset, it’s a trip. So yeah, is it safe? Probably not but neither is riding on a motorbike in Hanoi and people do it all the time.

If you’re curious, give it a try. I was in Luang Prabang awhile and had more than my fair share. To this day I get acid reflux and it’s from that. I’m kidding, I have no idea but seriously, don’t make it a habit.

Moving on from Cobra Whiskey…

Today, I did nothing except drink sugarcane, water and visit my “lunch lady” and sleep, snore.

Ahh, Luang Prabang is a great place. I highly recommend you visit there if you’re in Northern Thailand. Also, if you’re in Laos, make the trip as it’s a time warp. Looking through my external hard drive of video and photos, I know there will be lots of great memories from Laos.

I am aware I said Thailand Whiskey when it’s Laos Whiskey, whatever.

Tips Hat,

P.S: I sure have ingested a lot of Cobra on this trip, I kinda feel like “Cobra Commander”. Truth be told, he was always my favorite G.I Joe character and G.I Joe’s were always my favorite toys. What is with the new toys that don’t have bending knee and elbow joints, you can’t have good “wars” without it, man Mattel needs a shot of Mekong Moonshine, STAT!

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