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Buy a property in Dubai Hills Estate: positive and negative sides

Pros and cons of living in Dubai Hills Estate. What do potential investors need to know about the community? Information for buyers of real estate in Dubai, UAE.


Buy a property in Dubai Hills Estate: positive and negative sides

Dubai Hills Estate is one of the fastest growing communities that combines luxury living and conveniently located close to other popular communities, including Dubai Sports City in the UAE. A well-thought-out complex development is becoming more and more popular with real estate buyers, including expats, every month. Thinking about moving to Dubai Hills Estate? Here are some of the pros and cons of Dubai Hills Estate that you should evaluate before making a final choice.

About the area

This area can be described as a group of elegant eco-friendly residential complexes surrounding a professional golf course. This creation is a collaboration of developers Emaar Properties and Meraas Holding with a focus on a green lifestyle, as evidenced by numerous plantings, parks and pedestrian paths.

The entire development occupies an area of over 11 million square meters. It’s near the town of Mohammed bin Rashid (MBR City). Dubai Hills Mall with an area of 282,000 square meters and an 18-hole golf course are the main attractions of this area. You can also find business centers, sports facilities and hotels in this thoughtful and perfectly planned location.

Dubai Hills Estate consists of three large zones, each of which offers elegant villas, shopping malls, restaurants and residential apartment complexes. The self-sufficient community offers vacation spots and luxury residential properties for families, couples and solo residents.

A look at the advantages of Dubai Hills Estate and the potential disadvantages can give potential residents a better idea of what life in the area is really like.

Advantages of Dubai Hills Estate

Living in Emaar Dubai Hills with an abundance of advantages seems like a dream come true. This area attracts buyers and tenants due to family-friendly amenities and international construction standards. Those property buyers who are planning to move here should pay attention to the following advantages of living in Dubai Hills Estate.

Central location

The Dubai Hills Golf Community is located in the larger MBR City area, near Al Barsha and Al Quoz. It is also easily accessible from other areas developed by Emaar, such as Downtown, Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Village Circle and Dubai Sports City.

Just a few minutes by car and you will reach the key sights of the city and iconic landmarks. In fact, residents of Dubai Hills Estate can use the Emirates El Khali routes and to get to places like Dubai Marina and Dubai International Airport in 20-30 minutes.

It is also convenient for residents to get to nearby business communities, for example, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.

Peace and quiet

Despite the relatively central location in the city, one of the biggest advantages of the area is that it is a quiet and peaceful island of the metropolis. Residents can enjoy a quiet life without leaving the city center.

Family amenities

One of the undeniable attractions of living in Dubai Hills is that the community is suitable for family holidays. You can choose the best estate from a wide range of townhouses and villas in exclusive gated communities with luxurious gardens and a large number of walking areas. The abundance of parks and playgrounds ensures that children can usefully spend time playing, and adults will enjoy walking and jogging in the fresh air.

Dubai Hills Estate Mall offers plenty of entertainment for the whole family and excellent shopping. Amenities such as supermarkets and schools are also located nearby. GEMS World Academy, GAMES New Millennium School and several other educational institutions are located near this area.

The Royal College Hospital near the entrance to Emaar Dubai Hills Estate guarantees the best medical care.

A variety of properties to choose from

The final development plan for Dubai Hills Estate will consist of 2,000 villas and thousands of buildings that will house about 100,000 people.

When it comes to renting apartments, the choice is also wide: you can choose from one- to four-bedroom apartments for long-term rental. Cottages in Dubai Hills Estate are available in configurations from three to seven bedrooms. Thus, those who are planning to move to Dubai Hills Estate have several types of real estate to choose from for purchase or rent.

Buyers interested in buying villas and townhouses in Dubai Hills for rent will be pleased to know that the projected return on investment in real estate in this area demonstrates the highest rate in the city.

A place that motivates an active lifestyle

One of the main advantages of living in Dubai Hills Estate is that the complex supports an active lifestyle.

There are several parks with green spaces, tennis courts and running tracks in the area. Dubai Hills Park has a running track, a volleyball court, a tennis court, a skate park, a water park, an outdoor gym, a children’s playground and much more. Apartment buildings in the community also have shared gyms and swimming pools, which further expands fitness opportunities.

If you wish to get a swimming pool on your property in Dubai hills, you can find out about the cost of building a pool in dubai here.

Of course, the pearl of Dubai Hills Estate is her golf club. The championship 18-hole course covers an area of 1.2 million square meters. There is a lighted training ground, a driving range, a golf course, a golf academy and several cafes.

Pets are allowed

Finally, pet owners will be happy to know that the community complements the small list of areas in Dubai where pets are allowed. The project allows you to keep animals, except in cases of breeding and rearing for commercial purposes.

This concludes our review of the main advantages of living in Dubai Hills Estate. Now let’s move on to some things to consider before moving to Dubai Hills Estate.

Negative sides

Ongoing construction. As Dubai Hills Estate is an area under development, construction is ongoing in this area. Some residents may be unhappy with this. However, most construction sites are usually located away from residential villas and townhouses.

Lack of transport links. Now there is no public transport in the community. However, this is expected to change as the area develops further. Until then, residents can use the metro and buses in the nearby Al-Barsha district.


— Where is Dubai Hills located?

The community is located off Al-Hai Road (E44) near Al-Kuoz 2 and Al-Barsha.

— Where is the golf club in the community?

Dubai Hills Golf Club is located in the central park of the district next to Dubai Hills Mall.

— Why living in Dubai Hills Estate is a good idea?

The community is popular among both investors and tenants. This is a multinational area in which all residents feel comfortable.

— Can foreign buyers purchase real estate in Dubai Hills Estate?

Yes, the area belongs to the freehold districts of Dubai, which means that foreign citizens can rightfully own real estate here.


This is where our list of pros and cons of living in Dubai Hills Estate ends. The project is an attractive option for home buyers, real estate investors and tenants interested in living in one of the most popular residential areas of Dubai. The availability of amenities, such as shopping malls, cinemas, shops and restaurants, allows you to lead a dynamic lifestyle. At the same time, proximity to other residential areas, such as Al-Barsha, expands educational and medical opportunities for residents of Dubai Hills Estate.

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