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Becoming One With a Bed in Krabi

Krabi Town, Thailand

For the last ~8 weeks, I’ve just been going full and constantly chilling with new people and going on new adventures. It’s been great and I’m thankful for it, however, this energizer bunny or “Robo Cop” if you will, needs to recharge his batteries. As a result, I am spending a few days just chilling in Krabi Town, Thailand.

I’ve done nothing today, I mean nothing, even making this update has seemed like a “chore” and my mind is mush. I’d leave to Koh Phi Phi tomorrow, but today I was much too lazy to get my laundry done. Typically I don’t like associating my clothes with those of others. Why you ask? They don’t use hot water and if you were a dirty skid with bugs, fleas or some other dirt related annoyance, wouldn’t you get ALL your clothes washed? I’d rather just buy new clothes, I found white t-shirts in 7/11 for 67baht, ha.

When you travel with a group of “new friends” you don’t realize how much fun it was until you’re not longer with the group. If I wasn’t in dire need of a few days of “just relaxing, doing nothing styles” I’d be with them on Koh Phi Phi, probably laughing with a drink in my hand as we speak. Hopefully I’ll be able to see them again, as many of them are “traveling for a while” as well.

I’ve spent the day becoming one with a bed, watching BBC news, playing on the internet and smoking over-sized hand-rolled cigarettes, from my balcony on the top floor. Life is good, dare I say life is grand right now. I have free wifi, hot shower, private bathroom, cable TV and a top floor room with a balcony for 300 baht or ~$9 a day. Not as nice a view as my last place but wifi in my room is priceless.

It’s crazy how when I went on this trip, I wanted no return ticket, EVER, because if I had one, I’d feel guilty for doing nothing. When I went on this trip, I had no “must go do’s” to be honest, I pictured myself doing what I’m doing now, “nothing”. Nothing, with no time-lines, no commitments, no responsibilities, nothing.

I really like the fact that the only “appointment” I have is to be “out of Thailand” by the 19th of November, apart from that, I’m a free agent. It’s like being on summer vacation when you’re a kid, only school doesn’t start again and you’re an adult, so you can do what you want.

It’s funny how you can have all these great trains of thought all day but then when you come down to write something, suddenly there are no trains at the station.

P.S It’s “Movember” aka “Moustache (sic) November. There has never been a better time to rock a sick moustache with pride.

P.P.S: I *think* I can hear a bar nearby, one where awkward westerners donned in burlap or “playing the fool” dressing in traditional “Thai gear” from the 15th century  go to sing along to their favorite metro-sexual singer like John Mayor, Simple Plan, Ricky Martin or my favorite “John Cougar Mellon-Camp”. Disgusting.

Next Stop – Koh Phi Phi, at least for now

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