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Ferry to Koh Phi Phi from Krabi Town

Ok, I got like no sleep last night. I stayed back to “rest up” but instead I fed my internet addiction like a glutton at Christmas dinner. Every family has that “glutton” the dude or lady but usually a dude who eats like 3 full Xmas meals then finds themselves rolling on the ground in distress, I digress.

Went to bed at 4am in this fine place called Krabi town. At 10am my phone rang, it was a friend from Bangkok saying “Man, I should of stayed in Krabi longer, I’m bored a shiz”.

Moments later, I’m awake, for good. I check my facebook and my crew is like “Are you coming?” to which I quipped “Yes”.

I had already passed my check out but I went down and said “Hey, if I buy a ticket from you to Koh Phi Phi, we can ignore the late charge”, “most certainly” they replied.

I frantically ran to my room and began packing, wow this room was dirty for only housing the likes of myself for 2 days, beer bottles, bags of chips, ham and cheese sandwich wrappers, cigarette packs, water bottles and other things that elude my memory.

I packed, checked for all my “expensive things” and looked for the key. WHERE IS THE KEY!? At this point the ferry is leaving soon and I’m going OCD looking for all my thing and now I can’t find the key.

Finally I say it has to be in the garbage, so I’m going through disgusting garbage, can’t find it. Look around and say “it’s gotta be in the garbage”.

I rummage through this massive bag of trash and in the bottom of a dirty and disgustingly delicous bag of chips, voila, my key. How did it get there!?!?

Now I’m eating an omelet, ode to the omelet, I love omelets. Onion, bacon, tomato and cheese thank you very much.

Yeah, off to Koh Phi Phi, heard the place is sick from everyone and who would I be NOT to go visit paradise when it’s only a ~1-3 hour ferry away?

I was staying at P. Guest House in Krabi, write that down, P GUEST HOUSE in Krabi. VERY cool people, very clean room and very inexpensive.

I could of stayed longer but I looked at the calender and I’m running out of time. Furthermore I have great friends ON the other side of the world (here) that are like “Yo, you coming?” I know I most likely won’t be this lucky the entire trip. Truth be told, as an overly extroverted specimen on this planet, I much prefer chilling with people than alone.

I like being alone, for a tiny bit but then straight back to the party.

I wish my feet weren’t covered in blisters, my vintage Nike’s are starting to smell something fierce from wearing them 24/7. Flip flops are the alternative but they butchered my feet. Oh well life’s alright when that’s your biggest concern.

God speed,

P.S: Supposedly they filmed the movie “The Beach” on Koh Phi Phi, never seen the movie so wouldn’t know but that’s what I’ve been hearing.

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