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Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Having a swimming pool is always great, but there is one thing that people always hate, which is pool maintenance. Many people don’t even know where to begin with pool maintenance. And it’s not common for their swimming pools to look like a swamp due to neglect. But pool maintenance isn’t supposed to be that difficult.

If you know the bare minimum things to do to keep your swimming pool clean, I am sure you can keep your swimming pool clean and functional most of the time. Even better, if you know the basic swimming pool maintenance, you can also save up a lot of money that otherwise would be spent on cleaning and repairing it. But, you can make it easier by choosing opening swimming pool chemicals.

So, to help you start with swimming pool maintenance, here are some tips for beginners that I have gathered.


Cleaning the pool

Pool maintenance is always about cleaning the pool itself. When the pool is clean, it will be much easier to maintain it. To start cleaning the pool, you can do it by physically cleaning it. Clean the pool manually by using pool brushes, skimmer nets, and vacuums. Look out for debris, algae growth, and anything else at the bottom of the pool. This can be physically exhausting if you haven’t done it in a while.

Water circulation

Have you heard of water circulation before? Water circulation is an important topic when it comes to having an aquarium. It is also the same for swimming pools, you need water circulation to keep the water free of algae and other contaminants. Without water circulation, contaminants will build up and make the water unsafe to use. And when the build-up is so bad, cleaning contaminants can be rather costly. This is why you need pool pumps and filter systems to keep your pool water from stagnating. The pump should be running at least 10 hours a day. You can run it for longer to make the water cleaner, and don’t forget to clean the filter regularly as well.

Clean the skimmer basket

To make sure that your pump is working efficiently, and your pool water is circulating well, you need to clean the skimmer basket regularly. Clogged baskets will make your pump work harder for almost little to no result, this could make your pump last shorter, too. Also, keep in mind that some kinds of small critters could get stuck in the basket as well. If you don’t remove them in a timely manner, the situation could get much worse.

Turn off your pool pump first before cleaning the basket. Empty the basket under the skimmer lid, then replace it. You can try cleaning the pump basket as well if you have the time. At the very least, try to clean your skimmer basket once a week. But, if you use your swimming pool often, twice a week should be the bare minimum.

Balanced water chemistry

This might sound difficult at first, but it is actually simple. To help maintain safe water, it is important to maintain a safe balance of water chemistry with the pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer level. You can start by not dumping tons of chemicals into your pool without thinking about it. Because once the chemicals’ imbalance happens, your pool might not be usable at all. The standard pH of pool water is between 7.4 and 7.6, while alkalinity is between 80 and 120 ppm.

It is also recommended to shock your pool regularly, especially after large parties, to keep the water safe to use. Pool water sometimes needs a boost in sanitation, and that’s why shocking can be useful. You can shock your swimming pool at night, so the water can be ready the next morning. You can always consult a professional about this before the big day to make sure everyone is safe.


Maintaining your swimming pool to keep it clean and safe shouldn’t be all that difficult. As long as you do the basics above regularly, you will avoid much worse trouble in the future that can be costly and exhausting to deal with. All that’s left is to enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest.

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