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Asia Can Wait, Hello Las Vegas

Asia can wait, my schedule is about as flexible as a gymnast the day before winning a gold medal and it just makes sense. I got a cheap direct flight and hotels are inexpensive in Vegas. They just want you to stay there as long as possible because most people going are degenerate gamblers. Your average adult loses $384 or so according to noise spewing from the speakers of the monorail. As a result of that and many other factors, getting to and staying in Las Vegas is rather reasonable.

Woke up early today to check the markets and sort out some details. Looks like I bought at the bottom of the recent dip which was Friday. However, if you don’t buy stocks that are part of an index then the correlation between index movement and your equities can vary to a large extent. The big climb Monday had horrible volume , I’m not so trusting of this rally.

Despite thinking of a round the world ticket(RTW) and points on another carrier I’m finding myself flying WestJet again. With the prices that I’m getting I’m feeling confident I can get around just fine at ~the same price without any of the restrictions or commitments that come with a RTW ticket.

A flight to Bangkok, Thailand from Las Vegas is only fractionally more expensive than one from Vancouver. From people I’ve spoken with, Bangkok is definitely a great place to begin in Asia. I’d like to just relax and get an apartment that you pay by the month but who knows if that will happen. Supposedly you can get a nice furnished place for under $500US a month

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