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Adventure Awaits at Lake Garda, Italy


Tomorrow I am off to further explore a most beautiful place called Lake Garda which is located in Italy. I have visited Lake Garda before and had a most wonderful time, so thrilled to be returning. I’m hoping for good weather as the plan is to be rather active and do lots of the many outdoor activities available to visitors. Besides keeping busy in the great outdoors during the day, naturally lots of local cuisine will be consumed as well; this is a trip to Italy after all…

For the duration of this trip I’ll be based in a town called Riva del Garda which is in the Trentino Alto Adige region. Riva del Garda is a good place to be able to enjoy all of the different outdoor activities available when visiting. Some of those activities include hiking, biking and perhaps sailing or a SUP experience. SUP stands for stand up paddle board and is quite popular where I live on the islands but something I have yet to try. Personally, I’d rather go sailing any day, it’s much more relaxing.

Besides doing some outdoor activities we will also be experiencing a walking tour of Riva del Garda and a cooking class as everyone should when visiting Italy. We’ll also be dining out quite a bit trying many of the local favourites and doing a wellness experience which sounds quite enticing, especially after all the activities. I’m hoping it involves a spa of some sort but I could be completely wrong, time will tell…

Now, a little bit about Lake Garda itself. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and a very popular holiday spot which is located in northern Italy. It is located about halfway between Milan and Venice as well as Verona and Brescia. It is believed that glaciers formed this alpine region somewhere near the end of the last Ice Age. Italy has several large lakes which are popular with Italian and international tourists alike, Lake Garda is arguably the most popular and I am very excited to be returning.

All the activities sound great but I’m just thrilled to be back in Italy and by the lake. Also, the town Riva del Garda itself seems very quaint and picturesque. I quite like old towns and cities and enjoy strolling the streets and looking for delicious things to eat as much as I do the random activities you can treat yourself to when visiting.

In closing, I’d like to thank Garda Trentino S.p.A and NordicTB for this opportunity; it’s appreciated! If you’d like to follow along on social media, simply use the #atLakeGarda tag. Also, thank you to Garda Trentino S.p.A for all the photos, excited to go take my own.

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