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A Comprehensive Guide To Moving To Portugal: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Portugal is one of Europe’s most overlooked travel destinations, at least with non-Europeans. More and more people are realising what an underappreciated gem Portugal is and deciding to move there as unlike other European countries Portugal allows individuals to buy citizenship.

However, while Portugal’s immigration authorities have made it easier than ever to acquire full citizenship there are still obstacles that need to be overcome; taking time to learn about these hurdles will help you to better avoid them. This post will tell you about all of the mistakes you need to avoid making if you plan on moving to Portugal.

Obtaining Citizenship

Until you have obtained citizenship or a visa under no circumstances should you attempt to move to Portugal. While it is possible to enter the country for a 90-day period without a visa, it is unwise to try and use this to move there.

You can easily get citizenship by investment so focus on doing that rather than sneaking in and out visa-free. The Portuguese government is encouraging foreign investors to come and live there right now so you should have no problem getting citizenship, provided you can afford it.

Not Researching

You shouldn’t move anywhere without conducting extensive research first. Why do you want to move to Portugal? While the country does have beautiful weather, arable land, and friendly locals it’s not paradise on earth.

Many people make it out to be a lot better than it actually is. Make sure that you are confident a move to Portugal is for you. Moving house, obtaining citizenship, and starting a new life will all be for nothing if you later grow to hate the country.

Exploring Country

Explore Portugal before you settle on a specific location. Portugal is a vast country with many different towns, cities, and regions. Until you find the one that is right for you, you cannot confidently move there. Do not make the mistake of blindly moving to Portugal without first researching the nation and all of the best places to live.

Spend time in each of the places you are considering moving to, as well. Do not just up and move somewhere on somebody else’s recommendation without spending some time there yourself first. Portugal is an easy country to get around due to its efficient public transport system so exploration should not be difficult.

Tax Compliance

If you own your own business then you’ll need to ensure that it is tax compliant. The Portuguese tax authorities do not take kindly to foreigners avoiding paying tax. If your main residence is in Portugal and you will be working there, you are beholden to the nation’s tax rules. Tax compliance is fortunately not a hard thing to achieve in Portugal since the nation has relatively lax rules and affordable rates. If you are coming from somewhere like the United Kingdom, for example, you will save a fortune on your taxes.

Renting First

Before buying a house in Portugal experts say that it’s best to rent one. As mentioned earlier on, moving your entire life to Portugal and then discovering that you dislike the country would be a great shame.

If you do not ensure that the country is for you before moving there then you could end up wasting a lot of time and money. Instead of buying a house there, rent. Renting gives you the chance to see what Portugal’s like without having to spend much of your own money. You can rent short-term accommodation on a tourist visa.

Finding Employment

Employment in Portugal is not easily found unless you are a very skilled worker. Part of the reason that the nation is encouraging foreign investors to move there is that there is a huge shortage of work. The government hopes that getting foreigners to move there will create jobs for Portuguese people. Finding employment in Portugal is not then something you will be able to do easily. It is better to move there with a business idea. Portugal is a great place for entrepreneurs to move to, so if you have your own business you can easily expand there.

Making Checklist

Make a checklist of everything that needs to be arranged before you move. Moving house can be a lot of work, especially if you are going to another country. If you do not create a checklist of everything that needs to be covered you could end up missing things or making mistakes. Making mistakes on a move as significant as an international one could be devastating. If you leave things behind there is no guarantee you will be able to arrange to pick them up at any point in the near future, after all.

Arranging Movers

The easiest way to move house domestically and abroad is to hire a moving company. A moving company will be able to safely and securely transport your belongings for you. The good thing about hiring a moving company is that all of your stuff is insured.

This means that if anything does go wrong, you can receive financial compensation covering you for your losses. If you move things yourself you get no such protection. Protecting your things should be your main concern for obvious reasons. If you plan on moving everything alone then ensure you get some kind of travel insurance.

Furnished Apartment

If you plan on renting a property in Portugal then there’s no real need to bring your own things with you. You can quite easily rent a furnished apartment there. Then, if you decide that a big move to Portugal is right for you, you can begin moving your things over. If you decide life in Portugal isn’t for you, you can return home without having to move everything back overseas with you.

Alternatively, you could buy new furniture in Portugal. You can get very nice furniture on the used market there. Antique furniture is widely available and very affordable in Portugal. You can find it online or by visiting antique stores. You are more likely to get better deals online, buying from people who do not know the value of what they own.

Travelling to Europe and relocating there can be a good way of improving your quality of life. Living costs in some areas of Europe are a lot more affordable than in others. Portugal is such a place. If you want to move to Portugal then avoid making the mistakes listed here otherwise your move could wind up being fraught with problems and disasters.

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