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7 Proven Ways to Keep the Fun Alive In the Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom sessions, all couples should make sure they have the best time. It doesn’t matter who is the active or passive lover, everyone must play their role to ensure their partner is happy in the bedroom. 

Research has shown that penetrative intimacy isn’t enough to make your partner satisfied and suggested more alternative ways. If you want to keep the fun in the bedroom, you should try out these proven avenues.

Is your once fiery relationship starting to fade to ash? Our love experts explain how to bring passion back into a relationship.

Try foreplay

Men should avoid going to the bedroom just to quench their libido. There are better ways to make you and your partner have a good time than just penetrative sex. All a woman’s body needs to be massaged and stimulated if you want her to be happy. Foreplay is very necessary when it comes to keeping the fire in the bedroom. You should kiss for at least around 10 minutes, caressing her body, and kissing her neck and toes.

Talk Dirty

When with your partner in the bedroom, talking dirty can be very effective. Women are more sensitive to words of the mouth than visuals. You should voice out loudly all your fantasies and desires when making out with your partner.

Bring out the adult accessories 

Romance toys can be a nice way to get things done in the bedroom. Since our bodies are limited in what they can do with others. Intimacy accessories have proven effective to ensure that couples are well-satisfied in the bedroom. Toys which target your erogenous zones like nipple clamps can create new sensations in the bedroom that you’ve previously never experienced. Ensure you discuss this with your partner and have consent before getting them.

Play some slow music

Music can provide an excellent atmosphere for you in the bedroom. It isn’t just any music, but slow songs. They will keep you in the mood, which you and your partner will appreciate. Blues have proven to be a mood changer and help keep partners in the mood always.

Check positions

With bedroom activities, you need to spice things up by changing how you go about intimacy. It isn’t good to always try just traditional positions when with your partner. There are hundreds of positions that can make your partner yearn for more action. The bedroom is not a place that encourages boredom, therefore try to be flexible with lovemaking positions.

Go Oral

Oral intimacy is very underrated when it comes to bedroom activities. Men and women usually need to be pleasured orally before they can achieve maximum sexual satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be one way, both partners need to be willing to give access to each other’s bodies without any restrictions.


Role play is one of the proven ways in which you can keep fun alive in the bedroom. If you watch adult movies such as fifty shades of gray, you will notice that sometimes couples put on attires that their partner fantasizes about. Sometimes, you can change into a doctor’s attire, a teacher, or any other profession.


A bedroom is a place that should be exciting and fun-loving. You can make your bedroom a wonderful arena by trying some of the above-mentioned tips.

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