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7 Interesting Ways To Intensify The Atmosphere In The Bedroom With Your Partner

The bedroom is one of the most important places you and your partner will always be. What happens there can determine how much you get from your relationship. If the atmosphere in there is boring, here are 7 interesting ways to heighten it. 

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1.Decide What It’s Going To Be

First you need to create time to talk about the direction you want your intimacy to now take. For example, do you want the intimacy to be rough henceforth, a measure of BDSM? 

2.Change The Decor

To increase the intensity, you just might need to change the decor in your bedroom. The intensity waned because the former decor utilized too much daylight. Consider changing the light to a darker one, or buy dark colored curtains. Change the paint, the blinds too. Get a shag rug. 

3.Begin In Small Increments

Reject the urge to rush into your new routine. Start by adding the new stuff in small increments. For example, if you would like to add toys in the bedroom, begin with the small sized ones. Allow yourselves time to get used to that size before graduating to the bigger stuff. 

4.Be Open To Adventure

Allow the possibility that your partner may want to be more adventurous. There should be no judgments. If your moments together have become lame, it is time to explore more. For example, consider going a step further in trying out new toys. There’s now a huge range of toys on the market which cater to all types of people, from glow in the dark dildos to ones with dog knots!

5.Get Active In Exercise

You need energy and fitness for the intensity you seek in the bedroom. You may wish a lot, but you need the means. Regular exercise with your partner increases attraction and boosts libido. You also enjoy the closeness that comes from doing stuff together. Join a dance class or practice yoga together. 

6. Do Not Forget To Eat Right 

The place of proper nutrition in bedroom matters can never be overemphasized. What you eat determines how your body is able to perform. Incorporate nuts and fruits that increase the urge for intimacy. Drink more water, less sugar. 

7.Avoid Routine

Yes, some experts say otherwise. But restricting intimacy to the bedroom alone is what leads to boredom. If the bedroom must regain intensity, you must avoid associating it with intimacy alone. Sometimes, do it elsewhere in the home, then relax in the bedroom after pulling the blinds and letting sunlight in. The point here is, do not restrict yourself to the rules set by other couples or experts. You are allowed to be creative according to your specific needs. 

Final Thoughts

Intensifying the atmosphere in your bedroom can be achieved in a short time if you follow the tips provided here. All you need to do is be consistent with your efforts. But you can be sure that you will see measurable results that will bring maximum satisfaction to you and your partner. 

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