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7 Functions Small Businesses Can Easily Outsource

There isn’t any doubt that you are good at what you do, for you wouldn’t have established your own business if that wasn’t the case. However, being good at one thing isn’t sufficient enough to run a business successfully. Other aspects such as finances, accounting, marketing, sales, human resources, etc. play an equally important role.

Let’s face it; you can’t do everything on your own. To run a successful company, you need a team of professionals who are just as good in their respective field because the biggest challenge you will face is not having enough time to complete your tasks. So while you may be the master of time management, it is still impossible to successfully run a small business solo and push it down the road of growth.

Functions Small Businesses Can Easily Outsource

According to experts, the solution to this challenge is to outsource critical tasks of your business to other individuals or companies. Doing so will help you unload some crucial tasks from your to-do list, giving you more time to focus on your product or services. In addition, you will have the peace of mind that experts in the field are busy doing that task for you, and you will get good results. For this reason, let us discuss some of the top business functions that you can easily outsource.

1. Accounting 

Accounting is perhaps one of the most outsourced functions by small businesses. If you are not an expert in accounting and finance, it can cause a lot of hassle and even result in losses for your business. But luckily for you, many experts decided to take on virtual accounting jobs during the pandemic.

Virtual accountants from for example, are responsible for bookkeeping, verifying your company’s financial transactions, preparing documentation, preparing statements, etc. Most of these tasks are administrative in nature and play a crucial role in your business’s smooth running.

Moreover, virtual accountants work remotely from their homes, using financing tools and technology. Typically, these tools and technologies diminish the need for the accountant’s physical presence in the office. Hence, these aspects make the whole accountancy function of the business more effective, efficient, quick, and flexible.

2. Payroll processing 

Even though you run a small business, you still need to pay your employees. However, the process can be rather tricky, which is why it can take you some time to master the whole process. However, outsourcing this task to a company to take over your monthly payroll process can help you.

Also, your company can retain control over payroll tasks by embracing an automated paperless payroll system. This transformative step revolutionizes operations and boosts productivity, freeing you from paperwork and cumbersome processes. These systems reduce the environmental impact, and bolster security through encrypted data storage.

For starters, it will save you time that you would have spent generating payrolls and going through taxes. Moreover, they will include tax returns and health benefits in the whole function, saving you time and money.

3. Administrative work 

Business owners often happen to be big-brain thinkers, exploring the vast possibilities of their field. However, simple administrative tasks that are necessary to make their ideas a reality may not be your strength. But you can solve this issue by outsourcing this business function to a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant (VA) is responsible for handling your appointments, social media, phone calls, emails, travel arrangements, meeting arrangements, etc. They handle these responsibilities from a remote location, which is most often their home, with the help of online tools and technology. Investing some money in a virtual assistant will help you become more organized, manage your time, and help you take advantage of all the opportunities.

4. Information technology 

Small businesses cannot take risks of technical problems such as data loss, system failure, etc. These issues can seriously impact business operations, customer services, and reputation of the company. For this reason, information technology happens to be an essential function for every business, and you cannot compromise on it for any reason.

It is hard to afford a complete IT set-up with all the systems, equipment, and professionals as a small business. Therefore, the most feasible solution is to outsource the information technology functions of your company to another. Managed IT services can look after all the technical needs of your business and keep the systems working seamlessly.

5. Search engine optimization 

Whether you are a B2B or B2C firm, your potential customers will not find you if you don’t have an internet presence. In most cases, potential customers find products or service providers through a quick online search. To appear in the result of these searches, you need search engine optimization (SEO).

It happens to be a sub-function of marketing, but the technicalities of the function and expertise it needs create a different category. Hence, tackling the complex function of SEO is not something that you can effectively handle yourself if you don’t have a team. For this reason, your best bet is to outsource all the SEO-related functions to experts with knowledge and experience in the field.

6. Customer services

Your business’s customer services play a crucial role in determining your customer traffic. The results can be as detrimental as whether or not your business continues to grow or if you have to shut down completely. Every customer expects good customer service, and if you fail to deliver, they will take their business elsewhere. Although this process is very time-sensitive, it also requires a lot of patience and hard work.

Eventually, as your business grows, your demand for customer services will increase as well. For this reason, you can outsource this function to a chat support service provider or a call center. The employees working at these centers will deal with your customers and make sure they get the services and support they need.

7. Human resources

Being a small business, you will have a limited number of employees, so you don’t need a proper human resources department for your company. However, you still need a human resource expert who can do the hiring, drug testing (potentially with the help of something like this tulsa drug screening service, or somewhere a little more local), employee paperwork, contract work, etc. For this reason, outsourcing this function to human resources specialists can help you find the best employees for your company and handle all the necessary work.

There are still many business functions that you can outsource to experts or companies to lessen your burdens. It includes mark research, external projects, product distribution, risk assessment, taxation, etc. Outsourcing such crucial functions helps you ease off the burden from your employees and yourself.

Moreover, you get to acquire the services of experts in the field without having to hire employees. It helps in managing costs, improving workflow, and helping your business grow. However, verify all references and find out the market reputation of the agency or expert before you hire them to dodge bullets like subpar services and client stealing.

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