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How To Homeschool Your Kids When Travelling In A Campervan?

Travelling In A Campervan

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has been a whirlwind for most of us around the world. It has changed the way we travel, shop, eat and do so many other activities. The pandemic has also changed the way parents take care of their children’s education. Since virtual teaching has been the norm from the start of the pandemic, parents are also thinking about homeschooling their children.

It must be understood that homeschooling doesn’t have to be the same for every child – each child can follow his or her method when it comes to education – so that the process can become enjoyable, efficient and insightful. So, how can you homeschool your children when travelling in a campervan? Let’s find out.

Reasons Why Homeschooling While Travelling In A Campervan Is Essential

According to a reliable company for campervan rental in Colorado, the following are some of the ideal reasons why you’d want to homeschool your children:

  • You can choose the type of knowledge you’d want to share with your kids.
  • You’ll be able to provide a hands-on learning experience to your children.
  • Learning can be done at a comfortable time & speed.
  • Generate love for the learning experience.
  • Enjoy quality time with your kids.

Tips & Tricks For Homeschooling Your Kids During Campervan Trips

1. Always Have A Flexible Plan

Make sure you have a proper plan in place as to how you’re going to homeschool your kids and ensure that the plan is flexible enough. Since travelling with kids in a campervan is already challenging, having the burden of homeschooling your kids can add more burden. So, you must plan the number of hours you’ll be schooling your kids and the number of hours you’ll be travelling.

According to NZ Motorhome Rentals, make sure you have a proper plan in place for where you’ll be parking your campervan at night. It’s surprising how many people iron out every detail except a major one like this.

2. Take Your Kids To National Parks

When you’ll be travelling in a campervan, you’ll most likely encounter a few zoos and national parks along the way. In case you do, always encourage your kids to visit such parks and accompany them. Your kids will find cool learning resources at such national parks. Ensure that you set up a class with a forest ranger (which you can find at most national parks or sanctuaries) and you’ll be good to go.

Your kids will be able to learn about wildlife so much more when they see them with their own eyes.

3. Restrict The ‘Netflix’ Time

While watching a show or two on Netflix can be fun, don’t let your child go on a Netflix binge. Instead, let your child spend the remaining time going through the various e-learning resources on the tablet or laptop. In that way, your child can learn & enjoy at the same time.

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