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6 Best Digital Nomad Jobs in 2022 for Travelers

Do you wish that instead of going to work you could wake up and explore a new city every day? What if I told you that there is a way to turn this wish into a reality?

You can become a digital nomad! This means that you can get a role that can be performed online, and instead of being stuck at home, you can work from whatever part on earth you desire. 

What job can give you such freedom? You will find six such travel jobs below. 

Content Creation

For some years now, more and more teenagers and young people dream of becoming famous YouTubers or TikTokers. And indeed this is a great new business venture as there is enough space for everyone. Whether you create content for your personal brand so that you can become an established influencer or you are a member of the digital team of a business, being creative and always knowing what is trendy will be an asset for a long and successful career. 


And since we talked about content creation, we have to talk about content editing. Along with content creators, or influencers, editors have been in demand as they play an important role in producing high-quality content. A professional editor is a patient and creative person who can take an average photo or a long raw footage and improve it by making it aesthetically pleasing and eye-capturing with the help of technology.

Voice Acting

If you are able to express emotion through your voice alone, you should try out voice acting. You should do your research on voices from in order to get an idea of how to advertise yourself so that when you make your account it is easier for casting directors to find you. You should always pack your microphone with you so no matter where you are, you can record a voice-over task and send it for approval.

Software Development

Do you know how to code? Can you create and update applications and programmes that contribute to shielding the business you work at from malfunctions or threats? Do you create digital products which, once they are thoroughly tested, are sold to clients. If you answered yes to all the questions above because you are a software developer, you probably have guessed that you can do all that stuff and much more from everywhere in the world and not necessarily from your desk in the office.

Digital Marketing

A digital marketer is responsible for building and improving the image of a brand online. Their main duties are to make the brand known to as many people as possible and to increase sales by using the internet. If you’re wondering about pay ranges, check out a digital marketing salary guide to get a better idea. Some typical digital tools are websites, social media, email, newsletters and so on. Since all they care about is the online presence of their client, it is totally feasible for digital marketers to work online.

Web Development

Web developers are part of the digital marketing team at a company. They work exclusively on the brand’s website. To be more exact, they create the website, they update it whenever it is necessary, and they always make sure that it works properly. If something goes wrong, they are the ones to call. If they are online, they can solve any technical problem.

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