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5 First Date Tips for Guys

First dates can be nerve-wracking. You’re more than excited to see your date but certain “what if” questions that the mind comes up with, can make you question yourself and whether you’re prepared for your date.

They sound a bit like this: what if you don’t know what to talk about? What if you make a complete fool of yourself? What if the date doesn’t go well?

Don’t worry, these fears are completely normal. We’ve compiled a couple of helpful first date tips for guys to help you nail the first date and get a second one. Read on to learn more.

The first date can be nerve-wracking— they could be the one! Set a good first impression with our 5 first date tips for guys.

1. Dress for the Occasion

First dates are all about first impressions–you have about seven seconds to make a good one. Scent is a great way of leaving first impression, most men would go for a citrus scent, like Blu Atlantis, one of the best. Make sure you leave a good impression on your date by dressing well for the occasion and using cologne for men. This men’s cologne, Hugo 100ml, is a popular choice.

As for your outfit, it’s not too hard to pick what to wear on a first date. Decide on an outfit that is appropriate for the venue of the date. For example, if you’re meeting at a coffee shop, a casual outfit will do. If you’re eating at a fancier restaurant, a suit will be more appropriate.

It’s always handy to have a go-to clothing brand regardless of the occasion. For instance, Italian leisurewear brand Paul and Shark has an extensive collection ranging from casual T-shirts and cozy cardigans to button-down shirts. If your current wardrobe feels a little meh, maybe it’s time to indulge in some retail therapy. It’s a nifty investment because no matter how your first date goes, good clothes are there to stay!

2. Be Open and Curious

One of the best first date tips for guys to ensure a good first date is to ask questions and to listen. Be curious about your date and invite your date to share more about themselves. This allows them to feel safe opening up to you without feeling like you are judging them.

Of course, this date is not a one-sided conversation! Jump in and share things about yourself, as well!

3. Bring Your Best Self

Even though you may feel nervous about your first date, try to remember that this is not an interview. This is a casual first meeting between two individuals to see if you both vibe with each other.

Bring both your best self and the most genuine version of yourself that you feel comfortable sharing with your date. You don’t have to spill all your secrets but, you don’t have to hide who you are, either.

4. Gauge Their Interest

As you interact with your date, pay careful attention to their body language. Avoidance of eye contact may indicate boredom or a lack of interest. A tight smile may indicate discomfort, dissatisfaction, or uncertainty.

Although your date may not say exactly what they are thinking, these nonverbal cues can help you gauge their interest. From there, decide whether you should invest your efforts elsewhere.

5. End the First Date

This may be confusing advice to come across when you’re researching how to prepare for a date. This is no mistake.

Even if you are having an amazing time, establish a cut-off time for the first date. This can be an hour or three hours into the meeting. Do not let the date run on indefinitely even if you both enjoy each other’s company.

Keep your date interested in a second date by limiting how much you’re willing to share and how much time you’re willing to spend on the first date.

Use These First Date Tips for Guys

An adage goes, “you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.” You’ve got to play the dating game for a chance at love. Use these first date tips for guys to nail your first date and get a second one! 

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