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5 Electrical Upgrades For A More Productive Office

Offices and workspaces are usually the most organized places to ensure high productivity and are free from interruption. Most offices boast of the best infrastructure with the best in class design. However, no matter how beautifully designed and organized your office is, it might need some electrical upgrading to do. That is especially the case if your office is in an old building. The primary reason for that is the evolving technological advancements paving the way to new technologies and electrical appliances.

Ranging from laptops to computers, printers, projectors, VR rooms, etc., the electronic appliances running on electricity in an office space are endless. So, if you run a small business and have an office, you may want to consider these five electrical upgrades mention in this list.

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Extension cords and power strips

As mentioned above, technology is evolving, and the pace has been fast in the past decade. With new devices and technology coming to the market almost every day, the number of electronic gadgets and appliances in an office is higher. No matter how many power outlets your office has, it’s always better to have some backup with you at the office. Get a high-quality extension cord and some power strips available at the office. That way, plugging in laptops and other devices becomes easy even in spaces with not many power outlets.

There are many benefits of doing so. For instance, you need to conduct an urgent presentation, conference call, or a virtual meeting with clients and your team with power outlets and extension cords, and you can plug in your laptop anywhere and proceed with the tasks.


The following electrical upgrade on your list must be the office lighting. Yes, offices are usually well lit with the best lighting setup. However, that may not be the case with every office. As an employer, you must not overlook the crucial role of lighting in boosting productivity. The dull and dim lighting sets a relaxing atmosphere which may cause people working to become lazy and disinterested in work. In contrast, a well-lit and bright light sets an alarming and active atmosphere.

You must also consider the costs incurred by lighting in the form of electricity bills. So, be smart and invest in energy-efficient lighting setups like LEDs that do not consume much energy. LEDs also last longer than any other lights. You must also know that inadequate and poor lighting may cause vision problems for you and your employees. Additionally, it’s crucial that you use high-quality control panels with the newest efficiency and safety features from Control Panel Manufacturers if you want some good quality upgrade in your office.

Surge protectors

Running or maintaining an office is not a tiny investment. You may incur many expenses, ranging from maintenance of the office space to electronic appliances. However, the care for some electronic devices can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket. Voltage surges are a common thing and can happen anywhere, anytime.

While they may not be harmful to the people working there, they certainly affect the appliances and gadgets. So, the best way to protect your expensive devices and appliances against voltage surges is by installing surge protectors.

They ensure a safe and balanced flow of electricity, preventing any spikes or surges. Most people often do not care about installing surge protectors and pay a heavy price when the electrical appliances get damaged due to voltage surges.

Presentation tech

We all know how effective and efficient visual communication is over verbal communication. Thus, winning over clients requires an accurate representation of the products and services you sell to them. Using videos, images, and other forms of media in the presentation has become an industry-standard over the past few years. Research suggests that the chances of a client closing the deal with you increase to 80 percent when they witness a demonstrative video of your services and products.

Thus, investing in upgrading the presentation tech in your office becomes mandatory. Ensure that your meeting room has advanced presentation tools and infrastructure to win your client’s confidence in your business ideas. This particular electrical upgrade may be the most significant investment of all, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Safety switches

We have already discussed how surge protectors can protect your expensive electronic appliances from voltage surges. Similarly, safety switches offer protection to people when there is a voltage surge. In short, safety switches protect against electric shocks, and employee safety is crucial for an employer.

Safety switches usually track any movement in the electricity via a circuit. In case of faulty wiring, electrical appliances, or switches, current leaking can result in electrocution. Safety switches shut down all electricity in such cases, preventing a person from getting an electric shock. It ensures that current does not move to the earth via the person and prevents any electrical hazard. Statistics reveal that around 400 individuals get electrocuted every year, on average.

Final Thoughts

Those were some of the best electrical upgrades you may need for making your workspace more productive. Safety, productivity, and cost-efficiency are the three primary things to consider while making electrical upgrades to your office. You can also install many new power outlets throughout the office to ensure productivity and reduce the dependency on power strips.

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