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4 Surprising Uses of Retractable Banner Stands – More than Just a Marketing Tool?

Surprising Uses of Retractable Banner Stands

Small business marketers still love printed marketing materials. Despite the rise of digital and social media marketing, the demand for high-quality printed marketing materials remains strong. That’s because the value of giving physical materials to target customers is hard to replace.

In a recent survey, 92% of small business owners said high-quality printed marketing materials help them compete in local markets. Many of these small business owners make the most of their printed marketing materials in very creative ways.

Custom-designed retractable banner standshave always been amazing marketing tools for small business owners. You can find custom-printed banner stands outside retail stores, at tradeshows, marketing events, etc.

These banners are popular because –

  • Ease of Operation: It only takes users seconds to set up or tear down their custom-designed retractable banners. These banners are also lightweight and easy to move from spot to spot.
  • Reusable: The best retractable banners are made of synthetic materials like vinyl or polyester. These synthetic materials are extremely durable and resistant to external damages such as sunlight or moisture. Hence, business owners can easily reuse their custom-printed retractable banners for many years, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Customizable: The best sellers of custom-printed banner stands offer total customization control to the buyers. Buyers can select their banner stands’ size, shape, and design. They can upload any design they want. The sellers of banner stands will print those designs on these banners.

Of course, these banners help small businesses promote their brands in busy locations. But small business owners are not always using their custom-designed retractable banners for promotional purposes.

They find more creative use-cases for their custom-designed retractable banners. Here are four surprising and highly creative uses of retractable banners –

Photo Backdrops

There’s a high chance that your business has social media presence. Why not take photos of customers or guests and upload them to the company’s social media accounts? Make customers or guests of the business stand in front of your custom-designed retractable banners. These banners will serve as the ideal “branded” photo backdrops.

Directions and Instructions

You can easily print brand-related directions on your custom-designed retractable banners. Inform customers how to get in touch with your company via these banners. You can even use your custom-designed retractable banners to direct foot traffic inside stores or at busy events.

Area Dividers

Event spaces can get awfully crowded. The same applies to brick-and-mortar stores, especially during the festive shopping season. Business owners must observe social-distancing rules in such situations.

Why not use your custom-printed banner stands as room dividers? These large and instantly noticeable marketing tools can be used to divide crowds and large areas. Plus, target customers also get to learn about the brand – two benefits for the price of one!

Sharing Brand Stories

Creative business owners follow a strict theme while custom-designing their retractable banner stands. They use different banners to build a brand narrative. Then, they place their banner stands in a fixed order to relay the overall brand message to target audiences.

In addition to marketing, a well-designed retractable banner stand can do much more for your business!

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