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Smart Tips for Using a Green Screen Background Successfully

Green Screen

It is an open secret that video will play a pivotal role in the future in the promotion and success of content. Videos are supposed to be an integral part of content. Content will be focused predominantly on videos as consumers are looking for top-quality, quick, watchable, and digestible content. Hence, according to Forbes, businesses should realize that generating top-quality video content will necessitate investing in the right technology and cutting-edge tools. 

For producing a top-quality video, a clean backdrop and proper lighting are essential. You will be requiring professional studio lighting having 2500 lumens or even more. It is pretty common to shoot using multiple lighting sources. Several video and film productions depend on the Chroma key technique or a green screen as special effects. The technique is primarily utilized for removing the background color from your subject standing right in front of the green screen. 

Thereafter the green backdrop is removed and substituted by video streams or images. Thanks to advancements in technology, it is not mandatory to be a video expert for using a green screen. Anybody with Chroma key technology or green screen is capable of creating his desired backdrops effortlessly. The video camera sensors are sensitive to green hence it is supposed to be the ‘cleanest’ elimination of your backdrop. The color green is supposed to be furthest from the usual brown human skin tones so, it is given top preference. Here are some video-making or filmmaking tips for making the most of your green screen background.

Focus on Lighting Levels: You should realize that lighting is the sole factor that may end up breaking or making your green screen scene. The lighting has to be consistent, both in the background and foreground to be convincing. 

For instance, if the sun seems to be muted in your foreground footage but it is bright in your background footage, it will end up reining the illusion since the foreground and background are not cohesive.

Always Keep the Shadows in Mind: Lighting needs to be soft and even. For instance, if your foreground footage seems to be shot in uneven light along with shadows, you will come across diverse shades of green on your green screen. It will then become pretty challenging to isolate during post-production. It is of pivotal importance to have a green backdrop that appears as one, and a single color tone, and essentially a solid color so that the keying process is successful. The subject should be standing a few feet in front of your green screen while shooting the film. The backdrop should be illuminated using three-point lighting for the best green effects.

Use a Tripod & Make Sure that It Is Stable: For making your green screen a grand success, your camera should remain at essentially the same focus and be stable. A shaky or vibrating video camera in your subject’s foreground will be contrasting the stability in the backdrop. 


Follow all the above-discussed tips for flawless videos. Moreover, remember to steer clear of green clothing and green props if you are using a green screen. Remember that a green outfit for your actor will ruin the green screen scene. If the actor wears a green costume, a portion of his costume will automatically be replaced thanks to Chroma keying. Keep all the dictates in mind for a successful video shoot! 

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