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Your Essential Guide to Packaging and Sending Books, Electronic Items, Fragile Items, and More

You may already have a good idea of how to send a parcel or package. Whether it’s within the United Kingdom from London to Cardiff or to other countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

Some general guidelines which you may already know include making sure that the parcel is correctly and properly sealed with parcel tape. Also, it’s essential to choose a container or box that’s as sturdy as possible.

You also have to ensure that the item inside is securely wrapped and has sufficient padding with the use of packaging materials such as bubble wrap and foam. Aside from this, you have to write down the addresses as legibly and clearly as possible.

But there are items which may need special care when you prepare and package them, and these include books, electronic items, fragile items, and more. So how can you adequately wrap and package such items? Let’s find out.

Sending books

When you are planning to send books in a parcel and would like to send your parcel now, make sure the book’s corners and bindings are protected, as they can get easily damaged. If you are sending a small book, use a padded envelope, but if you are sending a large book (such as a coffee table book), use corrugated fibreboard and ensure that there is at least 2.5 centimetres of clearance for every end. You can also find packaging material at https://lilpackaging.com/ and see if anything would work!

Sending electronic gadgets or items

Remember that you cannot send batteries with electronic gadgets or items as they are prohibited. If you are sending a small item like an eBook, a sat-nav gadget, an iPod, and the like, surround the item with at least 1 centimetre of padding such as bubble wrap.

If you are sending a medium-sized to large item like an iPad, a laptop, a DVD player, and so on, surround it with at least 5 centimetres of padding. Make sure as well that you cover the plugs and pins with 1 centimetre of padding, and remove loose components or parts and wrap them separately. Choose a strong and rigid container such as a corrugated box.

Sending fragile or delicate items

Fragile or delicate items should definitely be handled with care, so note this down on the outside of the container or box. Use bubble wrap and make sure it is at least 5 centimetres in thickness and wrap the item in this. If the item has extremities (e.g., ears, limbs), wrap these individually and then wrap the entire article.

Use a strong and robust container of the right size for your item, and if the container is a bit large, make use of foam or bubble wrap as padding and to make sure the item doesn’t move inside the box.

Sending fine grains and powders such as coffee and tea

For fine grains and powders such as coffee and tea, place the actual item inside a secure container (like a polythene bag) and seal it with tape. Then place this within another container, and seal the second container.

Next, place both items inside a corrugated cardboard box so it doesn’t leak or taint other items around it.

With the appropriate packaging, your parcel should successfully reach its destination without any harm or hassle. However, don’t forget to affix personalised sticky labels like those you can get at Sticky Labels and address it accurately as well.

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