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Why Is Writing Your Lifestyle Motto On Your Custom Pin A Cool Idea?

Everybody should have a lifestyle motto. A lifestyle motto is a phrase or sentence that’s used to convey a person’s entire identity and sense of being. More and more people are starting to develop lifestyle mottos because they can be both motivational and inspirational.

Such mottos have been used for thousands of years. It is possible to see lifestyle mottos inscribed on the ancient seals of European royalty.

However, since you probably aren’t European royalty, you won’t be able to afford to inscribe your motto on an expensive ring or piece of jewelry.


You can have it printed on a custom pin though. Here’s why you might want to consider doing that.

Widely Available

It’s not difficult to find a store selling custom pins online, they are everywhere. You won’t have any trouble finding a business to work with. According to the experts from Custom Pins Now, all you have to do is submit your design idea, get a quote, pay, and then you can get your custom pin printed. There are lots of retailers to choose from, so shop around and find the best deal you can.

Very Affordable

Another great thing about printing your lifestyle motto on a custom pin is that custom pins are very affordable, which fine jewelry isn’t. You won’t need any more than a few dollars to get your own pins printed.

However, you do need to factor in delivery fees, which are not much but do still add to the final cost. The affordability of custom pins is what makes them such a good idea. You can print your lifestyle motto for next to nothing.  Then, if you ever lose your pin, you can get more printed.

Different Shapes

There is a wide variety of shapes for you to choose from, no matter which retailer you shop with. You can get your lifestyle motto printed on squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, and even octagons!

The huge number of shapes you can choose from makes selecting a design (and shape) a lot more enjoyable. Also, you can get them printed in more or less any size, within reason. This means that you can also put imagery on your pin. You need a large pin in order to fit imagery and a sentence on the same pin.

Custom Designs

You can create your own design, and then submit it to the pin manufacturer that you have chosen to work with. This means that you have total control over your pin’s design. You can choose absolutely anything.

However, if you are planning on using images that have been created by somebody else, then you need to bear in mind the fact that some companies might not print them for you, because of copyright issues. If you print an image or logo that’s copyrighted, then the company printing the pins could get into a lot of trouble, which is not something they will want.

Design Assistance

When you pay a company to print pins for you, you also get to benefit from their experience printing pins for other people. In other words, they can assist you in creating your design, if you are struggling with it.

A simple lifestyle motto could be made better by adding imagery. Some people even go as far as to add pictures of themselves on their lifestyle motto pins. You can email the company that you want to work with and ask for their help. They should be very happy to give it.

Fast Delivery

Another advantage of getting a lifestyle motto printed out on a custom pin is that you get to benefit from fast delivery. Your pin will probably be sent out in the post to you the same day that it is printed. More often than not, pin printing companies print pins the same day that the orders are placed.

That said, next-day delivery or same-day delivery even can be very expensive. You could have to pay an additional premium to get your pin sent out to you that fast. You may want to buy your pins in bulk (in case you lose them) so that you save money on delivery and don’t have to pay it again in the future.

Unlimited Pins

You can get as many pins printed out as you want. There is literally no limit to how many pins you can print. In fact, you can actually save yourself money by having lots of different pins printed. Companies will give you discounts when you place large orders.

If you are interested in having lifestyle motto pins printed, then why not buy a large number of them on your first purchase? Buying a large number of them will mean that you don’t have to order more in the future if you lose yours.

Highly Durable

Custom pins are highly durable. They are usually made out of very solid plastics, laminated, and then backed with steel or another durable metal. That said, some companies don’t sell durable pins.

It is a good idea to do your research and try to find a manufacturer selling ones that are durable and high-quality. It should not be hard for you to find such a manufacturer. It is important to always read a manufacturer’s reviews before buying anything from them, for reasons that will be covered next.

Reading Reviews

Whenever you are buying anything online it is always a good idea to read reviews. A retailer’s reviews will give you a glimpse into what they actually like to do business with since past customers will leave reviews. You should be aware though; a lack of positive reviews does not mean a retailer isn’t worth dealing with.

Very few customers that have positive experiences will leave reviews. If a retailer has been open for a long time and has few negative reviews, then it is a good indication that it can be trusted and are worth doing business with.

A lifestyle motto can be a good way of motivating oneself to do better. However, it’s not cheap to print a motto out on a piece of jewelry. Pins are a great option if you can’t afford to print yours out on jewelry because they are durable, easy to wear, and very cool.

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