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Why Is Cloud Storage Important For Modern Businesses?

Businesses no longer need to store data on physical storage devices. The use of physical storage devices is not just unnecessary, it’s dangerous. Not only can data be lost permanently if a physical storage device is misplaced, but it’s also easier for criminals to steal it.

If you are a business owner, then it is very important to use cloud storage instead. Cloud storage is a much more effective form of storage. It’s also a much more secure form of storage.

This post will explore this topic in detail, explaining why cloud storage is essential.

Easy Access

Cloud storage is a lot easier (and simpler) to access than physical storage. Rather than needing to insert a disc, wait for it to load, enter a password, and then go through your files, cloud storage allows you to click an icon on your desktop and start browsing immediately. According to the experts from Backblaze over on their website, cloud storage makes managing data astonishingly easy. Physical storage devices are just a waste of time, and also a massive security risk.

Better Security

As mentioned previously, physical storage devices are not as secure as cloud storage. This is because they can be lost, stolen, or damaged. Most businesses that use physical devices have to back files up on more than one storage device, in case loss occurs.

However, having multiple storage devices lying around with the same files stored on them means theft is a potential problem. With cloud storage, your files are safe and secure, and cannot be accessed by anybody who isn’t authorized to access them. It is almost impossible to hack into cloud storage.

Loss Risk

When you use cloud storage, loss of data is not a risk. The only time it becomes one is when you do not regularly back up your data. It is of course possible to lose data from a cloud account if you do not back your data up, then you delete it.

That said, most cloud providers allow you to immediately recover any data that has been deleted within 30 days of the deletion. When you delete data from a physical storage device, it’s lost for good. There is literally no way to recover data that has been deleted from a physical storage device.

Cost Efficient

Cloud storage is much more affordable than physical storage. You can get a full cloud account for less than the cost of a single hard drive. The savings you make from cloud storage make it a much more sensible option for business owners who’re on budgets and cannot justify paying for expensive hard drives.

The good thing about cloud storage is that it is highly scalable, too. You only need to pay for as much storage as you actually need. If your account has too much storage, you can easily reduce it. If it has too little, you can easily increase it.

Multiple Users

With cloud storage, multiple people can access it, regardless of where they are in the world. If you are a business owner, then the ability to share files, data, and folders with staff who aren’t physically with you makes it easier for work to be completed remotely. Post-COVID, most people are working from home.

That said, you do need to make sure that you protect your data and only let approved persons access it. Make sure the password you set is hard to crack. It’s also a good idea to set up two-factor verification, too.

Int’l Access

As mentioned in the previous section, cloud storage can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere. The ability to access cloud storage internationally makes collaboration a lot easier. With physical stores, you need to have the device on you or you can’t access the data or files that it holds.

Also, accessing data from anywhere means if you have to go away on your business, you can travel light. You don’t need to bring lots of documents and hard drives with you. Instead, all you need is your cloud account’s login.

Scalable Storage

Finally, cloud storage is scalable, as mentioned already. The scalability of cloud storage means it’s a lot easier to save money because you only need to pay for the storage that you need to use. You can easily adjust your plan. If you have too much storage you can reduce it by changing your account type. The same is also true if you have too little storage.

Cloud storage is important for modern businesses. If you own a business and aren’t using it, then now’s the time to. Winter’s a great time to invest in cloud storage because storage providers are offering holiday deals.

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