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Why Buy Property in Turkey? 5 Reasons to Invest

Are you on the search for new avenues to expand your property portfolio? Perhaps you are looking to buy a holiday home? Maybe you’re taking the tentative steps to make a permanent move abroad? Either way, you have landed on this page for one reason: you are contemplating Turkey as a place to invest in a property.

So, why buy property in Turkey? Well, there are numerous reasons to go this route. Below are five of the biggest reasons to invest.


Reason #1: Property is cheaper than other countries

Perhaps the biggest enticement to invest in Turkey is the price of property. You are able to find apartments in appealing areas for around $100,000. These low prices even mean customers can make purchases without the need for a mortgage.

Of course, it’s not just about bargain basement price tags. You can also find luxurious properties that are significantly cheaper than those found in, say, Spain, France, Portugal, or other sunny European destinations. 

Reason #2: Affordable cost of living

It’s not just the properties themselves that are affordable. Turkey is also known for its affordable cost of living. As well as shopping bills being lower than in other comparable countries, its affordable nature also extends to cheap water and electricity bills.

To put it into perspective, it is said to be 80% less expensive to live in Turkey compared to the United States.

Reason #3: It’s easy to buy

One of the scariest parts about buying abroad is the process involved. In some locations, this process is a complicated, difficult, and time-consuming one. That’s not the case with Turkey. In fact, the buying process is well-known for being simplified and appealing to foreign investors.

This is the case when working with a real estate company like They will be able to take care of the paperwork and required translations, and you could have the keys to your property within a month.

Reason #4: Huge number of options and locations are available

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to property options in Turkey. Everything from cozy apartments to opulent villas are available. There is something for everyone’s budget. You also don’t have to compromise in terms of features. Properties with modern amenities, sea views, remote locations – all options are available.

This also extends to the number of locations available. Yes, most will gravitate towards Istanbul for obvious reasons. However, there are many appealing destinations – from the affordable Calis to the luxurious Kalkan – that are worth exploring.

Reason #5: A long-term investment

Going back to the previous point about properties being cheaper in Turkey compared to other places, this also makes it an attractive option for a long-term investment. While prices have already peaked in the likes of Cyprus and Spain, that isn’t the case with Turkey.

If you manage to get in before the prices in Turkey hit those heights and you maintain your property to a high standard, you could see a large return on your investment. Buying a property in Turkey is a smart investment.

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