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When to Change Air Filters: A Guide For Pet Owners

In America, 70% of households have a pet within their family. If you could protect your pet from cancer with a household item, would you?

Modern-day cleaning products have chemicals, and our home items include formaldehyde. Unfortunately, these can cause cancer in your pets. However, air filters capture these particles to improve your pets’ standard of life.

The added benefit is that they will also pick up your pet’s fur. So, if you want a cleaner home, read this article. You’ll be able to change air filters after this guide. 


Filter Variations

Some air filters are focused on stopping harmful particles, while others are for general purification. In addition, each manufacturer has its own recommended replacement instructions. So, do your research with these filter types in mind. 

Disposable Air Filters

Disposable versions are the cheapest discount air filters on the market and work well in your personal spaces. You will need to change the cheap air filter once a week if placed in rooms where your pet resides.

They have a low MERV rating and, as such, are best suited to non-shedding mammals. You can find out more about MERV ratings and where to buy discount filters online. 

HEPA Air Filters

HEPA air filters will stop 99.97% of allergens at 0.3 microns in size and are ideal as an air filter at home. Pet dander is 5 to 10 microns, so it is well within the range. 

By manufacturing standards, you should change your HEPA filter every year. However, HEPA carbon filters will last for up to 6 months. 


Pre-filters will lengthen the shelf-life of your main filter. They collect a high percentage of the larger molecules such as fur and skin before it clogs the primary filter. Some pre-filters are washable and must be cleaned or changed every month.

As the Seasons Change

Some dogs and cats will shed throughout the year, while others do so seasonally. As a result, you will notice increased fur loss around spring and fall. This period is when to change air filters.

If your pet is a low shedder, such as a Bichon Frise, we suggest you change air filters every 30 days. However, if you have multiple pets or they shed a lot, change them fortnightly. 

My Pet Isn’t a Dog or Cat. Can I Use Air Filters?

Yes. An air filter will purify the air and reduce the risk of harmful chemicals within your pet’s environment. Birds, rats, and other small mammals benefit from air purifiers.

You can use air filters with any pets, and the added benefit for humans is that the filter will reduce the animal’s odor. 

Change Air Filters for Better Air Quality

This guide has given you the knowledge to change air filters and choose the correct type. Remember that leaving your filter past our recommended times will lower its efficiency. So, give yourself and your beloved pet the gift of pure air this year.

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