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What to Look for in a 70 inch TV?

If you’re looking to buy a 70 inch TV, you should consider several factors before purchasing. For example, are you looking for something with good sound? Do you want it in a specific style or color? Do you need all the latest features, or would you prefer something cheaper and simpler? Once you decide what’s most important to you, choosing the best 70 inch TV becomes much easier!

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The Basics: Aspect Ratio, and Refresh Rate

Screen aspect ratio and refresh rate are interrelated elements of television sets. Without getting into technical details, one can say that these three parameters allow watching more detail (progressive scan) when connected to the HDMI port of a DVD player, Blu-ray Player, PC, or game console and give the best picture quality. 

  • Aspect Ratio refers to the width/height ratio of an image displayed on your TV set. 16:9 is standard nowadays.
  • Refresh Rate refers to the number of times per second an image displayed on your TV set is updated. Our recommended refresh rate is 120Hz.

Screen Resolution and Contrast Ratios 

Most smart TVs come with a screen resolution of either HD, Full HD, or 4K. The higher these numbers are the clearer and sharper your image. It is essential since you are buying a 70 Inch smart TV for a crystal-clear resolution. These days, the best buy is the state-of-the-art 70 Inch 4k TV.

A high contrast ratio ensures better watching in even darker rooms. A contrast ratio above 3000:1 is considered a good number.

Built-in Smart Features

While having a TV with several ports and apps is necessary, there’s nothing quite like the ability to turn on your TV and immediately access popular streaming services or other content you want. Of course, if you already own or are planning on investing in the best TV box this won’t matter.

With many 70 inch TV models available that come with Android built-in, you must find one that suits your needs perfectly before purchasing. For example, one of these features is voice control—some 70 inch smart TVs offer Siri compatibility, which means you can talk to your TV rather than using buttons or remotes. 

Another feature might be high dynamic range (HDR) compatibility—if you are looking at 4K televisions, HDR can improve picture quality by increasing color contrast and brightness. 

Sound Quality

If you’re spending several hundred dollars or more on a new television, it only makes sense that you want one with excellent sound quality. Make sure your big flat new television offers surround sound, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS Studio Sound technologies; all of these add immensely to its overall quality. 


Buying a big flat 70 inch TV can be easy, but knowing what you’re getting into is crucial. Don’t just buy on price alone—find out about smart TV functionality and size options before you buy so you get what you want. Some factors to consider are aspect ratio, refresh rate, screen resolution, and contrast ratio. We have provided suitable recommendations for all of these factors.

If you’re looking at older models, make sure there’s enough HDMI input space on your new TV so that it can handle all of your favorite devices.

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