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What Cocktails Can you Make with Vanilla Vodka

Whether you are looking to host a party and entertain or enjoy a relaxing night at home, being able to mix up a delicious and fun cocktail is a great idea. One type of liquor that is enjoyed by many people is vanilla vodka, which can be a great addition to many types of cocktails. This type of vodka can offer a sweet finish and will be appreciated by most people enjoying a drink. When you are trying to incorporate this liquor into a drink menu, there are various vanilla vodka cocktails to consider that could be a great addition and make for a memorable evening.

Vanilla Lime Cocktail

During the warmer months of the year, having a vanilla and lime-infused drink can be a great addition and a cocktail to enjoy. To make this cocktail, you will need just a few ingredients, including vanilla vodka, lime juice, lime soda or lime seltzer water, a lime, and ice cubes. To maximize flavor, you should freshly squeeze about a half-ounce of lime juice per drink. The cocktail is very easy to make and will include 1.5 parts of vanilla vodka, 0.5 parts lime juice, a lime to garnish. You can then mix this in a glass with lime-flavored water or soda to taste. Adding mint can also help make this taste fresh.

Cherry Vanilla Vodka Soda

Another great drink to enjoy with vanilla vodka is a cherry vanilla vodka soda. This is another simple cocktail that does not require many ingredients and can be mixed up in under a minute. All you will need is vanilla vodka, lime juice, seltzer water, and cherries. A great way to mix this would be to include 1.5 parts of vodka, 3 parts of seltzer water, squeeze in some fresh lime juice, and then garnish with cherries and lime. You can also mix in some leftover cherry juice to make it a bit sweeter. It should then be served on ice and in a tall glass.

Easy Mix with Soda

Many people will also find that vanilla vodka can smoothly mix with a variety of types of soda and water. If you are short on ingredients, there are bound to be many types of mixers that this vodka can be easily mixed with. Mixing it with cola, lime water, flavored seltzer water, or even black coffee can be a fun and sweet way to make a simple adult drink. Best of all, you likely have most or all of these ingredients in your home already.

Seasonal Drinks

One part of the holiday season that many people look forward to is seasonal-based drinks. During the winter months, if you are hosting a holiday party, making a drink using vanilla vodka is a great idea. One great option is to take 3 parts of non-alcoholic eggnog, 1.5 parts of vanilla vodka, and a splash of Kahlua. You can then further season the drink with some cinnamon or nutmeg. This can also be a fun cocktail to enjoy in the morning if you mix in some coffee.

Vanilla vodka continues to be a great liquor and mixer to include in a variety of drinks. These cocktails can be served along with a variety of dishes and will be enjoyed by many people. There are a lot of different drinks that you could quickly mix up using vanilla vodka and a few other ingredients that you may already have stocked in your bar.

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