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What are the current travel restrictions for Florida?

We are living a new life, but the global COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of elements. However, there are numerous elements that are still unchanged especially for the people moving to Florida. Florida is welcoming its visitors with endless options, blue water for cruising and fishing and open spaces. There are a lot of eco-tourism activities to experience in Florida with a laid-back atmosphere.

To reinform tourism and move to Florida, protective practices are standard. All people are encouraged to maintain social distancing, wear a face mask, and respect the regulations publicly to protect their health because prevention is the best way to avoid spreading coronavirus.

For all the residents and visitors of Florida, a wide variety of COVID-19 vaccines are available. Moreover, test sites in Florida are also open to the general public.


Personal protective actions

CDC still recommends all individuals wear face masks even if they are vaccinated. It’s a significant part of the prevention strategy. According to the CDC, one of the best ways to reduce the chances of COVID-19 in Florida is to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Wear a mask, especially when you are outdoor.

Individual businesses in the Keys request that masks be worn inside their establishment. People must carry a facial covering for immediate use. Moreover, lodging facilities, grocery stores, restaurants, museums, pharmacies, indoor attractions, retail shops, spas, and other public settings must provide free face masks to the visitors.

Social distancing

The disease control department in Florida recommends keeping a social distance to maximum protection from coronavirus. Keep in consideration that Florida officials do not have mandates about gatherings’ group size. The Florida Key 125-mile-long island has a lot of wide-open spaces. If you are a visitor, take full advantage of the natural beauty of the sky and sea and outdoor activities.

Airline Travel

Currently, Both Florida Keys Marathon International Airport and Key West International Airport operate. It’s interesting to know that patrolling airport spaces after hours. The coronavirus-fighting robot emits high-intensity ultraviolet wavelength to kill harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces. This ultraviolet disinfection robot is significantly designed to remove 99.9% of pathogens. Key West International Airport is the first airport in the United States to acquire sophisticated units providing non-chemical disinfection. If you are  moving to Florida, consider that airports are the primary venues where masks are a legal requirement.


There is a great need to know that Florida resorts, hotels and other lodging establishments have significantly implemented COVID-19 guidelines for better health practices and cleanliness. She was wearing the mask as mandatory at the property’s discretion. Lodging staff in Florida is paying great attention to better accommodations.

It would be best to check your hotel’s official website to know the current safety measures and what amenities are available. You can also demand different protocols like contactless check-in and check-out.

Furthermore, all Florida licensed vacation rental properties are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with C0VID-19 standards. Self-parking options are applied when possible. All the visitors should confirm with their property’s management regarding household supplies like pillows, linens, towels, and beach towels on the vacation home’s occupancy.

What if you feel Ill?

If you feel any symptoms of COVID-19, seek the medical department immediately. The best way is to Google Florida Keys doctors on your phone. Call the front desk of our property or hospital emergency rooms of Mariners Hospital. Remain quarantined in your hotel accommodations until you receive medical advice. Notify your condition to the hotel front desk often.

The Florida tourism industry allows you to enjoy your visit and remain healthy during your stay. While travelling to Florida, it would be best to plan. In terms of public health, it’s your responsibility to protect yourself and others.

All visitors to Florida are encouraged to respect local regulations and take other measures to protect their and travelling companions’ health. It’s your responsibility to dispose of your gloves and masks in waste containers. Don’t discard them on the floor. Take and road. The tourism industry wants to return you healthier and happier than you arrived.


Bar counter service in Florida is only provided to seated customers. All the food chains, restaurants, and bars are currently operating indoors and outdoors with social distancing observation. However, at the establishment’s discretion, facial coverings are requested.

All the outdoor dining areas must be prioritized. Waiting areas should be limited to manage space because waiting outdoors is preferable. Moreover, all kinds of outdoor recreational facilities like public and private parks are open in Florida. Check-in advance to know the timings and concessions.

However, mask requirements and capacity limits can be in place. Contactless protocols are provided for watersports, cruising, diving, fishing, snorkelling, and boat tours. However, state parks are only open for camping and daytime use. Park visitors don’t have access to restroom facilities, picnic areas, pavilions, and campsites. In terms of public beaches in Florida, they are open all time with limited amenities.

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