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Wearing Rings Is as Manly as It Gets: Here’s the Right Way To Do It

Rings have been a symbol of status and style for men throughout history. From royal signet rings to Super Bowl championship rings, a ring on a man’s finger makes a bold statement. Contrary to outdated stereotypes, wearing rings is as manly as it gets. Here are some tips for today’s modern man on how to wear rings the right way.

Choose Meaningful Rings

A ring on a man’s finger should have personal significance. Consider rings that represent your interests, values, or achievements. A class ring, fraternity ring, or family crest ring displays your background. A championship or commemorative ring shows your accomplishments. Opt for a birthstone, wedding band, or another ring with sentimental meaning. When your manly men’s rings tell your story, you’ll exude quiet confidence.

Mix Metals Like a Pro

Don’t be afraid to mix metals, especially if rings hold special meaning. A gold wedding band and silver family ring stacked together on the same finger demonstrate your multifaceted style. Mixing metals also allows you to coordinate with different watch metals. Just stick to tonal pairs like yellow gold and brass or white metals like platinum and steel. Don’t overload one hand with too many rings in clashing metals.

Balance and Scale Are Key

Aim for visual balance when wearing rings. If you have a substantial statement ring, balance it out with simpler bands on the other hand. Large or bulky rings look best on their own, while thinner stacking rings can be layered for effect. Proportion matters too. A chunky ring can overwhelm small hands. Scale larger rings to fit your hands and overall look.

Follow the One-Two Punch Rule

Limit yourself to two rings per hand at the most. Overloading on rings looks ostentatious. Prioritize the two rings that make the boldest statement. For example, wear your wedding band and a class ring, or just two stacked bands with personal meaning. Avoid wearing more than two rings on each hand to keep your look refined.

Go for Gold: Ring Styles and Hands

Some ring styles inherently look better on certain hands. Opt for wide band rings or rounded signet styles on your dominant hand. These substantial rings complement the capable nature of your dominant hand. Save thin stacked bands for your non-dominant hand, where they won’t be as prone to damage. While gold is enjoying a renaissance, don’t be afraid to break from tradition. A gold ring looks just as natural on the right hand as on the left.

Size for a Proper Fit

A properly fitted ring should slide on easily but feel snug enough to stay put. Too loose and a ring will spin, turn, and risk coming off. Too tight and it will feel uncomfortable. Visit a jeweler and have your fingers precisely sized before purchasing rings or bands. Also, consider the knuckle. Some men’s knuckles are wider than the base of their fingers. Finding a ring style with an open back or inset stone can solve this issue.

Take Care of Your Rings

Remember that rings require occasional cleaning and maintenance. Remove them before bed, exercising, or doing dirty tasks where they might get damaged. Use a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water to give rings a periodic cleaning.

Confidently Wear Rings on Your Terms

These modern tips free men to confidently wear rings on their own terms. Break outdated taboos and proudly wear whatever rings hold personal meaning. When thoughtfully curated, rings can convey a masculine sense of style status, and strength. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with rings that tell your unique story as a man in the world today.

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