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Wandering Around Dar Es Salaam


After the dental work I want to go look for the Canadian Embassy, I found it at about 1 PM and much to my chagrin it closes at 12:30.

At this point decide to spend the rest of the day wandering around and maybe fix my computer. All of these photos were taken in my wander and at about 5 PM I decided there was not much else to do so I decide to roll back to the hotel.

At this point I ran into German couples would just arrived in or for all intensive purposes experiencing culture shock. They were hungry so I told them I would take them to look for place to eat. To be frank, I’m not really fond of the food here, maybe I’m just spoiled but the cuisine here is not that intriguing.

I can see why people who just arrived from overseas hate the city and say that it is sinister, It’s quite intense, to say the least.

As everywhere. Most people are quite nice and friendly but there is definitely a vibe or an undercurrent of sorts where there are people that you pass that would love to rob you blind, not to be trusted.

Have heard countless horror stories but most involve a fatal travel error or a bad taxi, so many taxi’s it’s insane.

Turns out there is no license customer care center for my laptop here, as a result I don’t think I can get anything done. Tomorrow I will wake up early and get my passport taken care of and maybe spend another night.

The budget hotel that I am in now is clean and very basic. It is $20 a night, for about $12 you can get other rooms in other hotels but they’re off back alleys and frankly don’t really appeal to me.

Kinda miss the treefort, the place grew on me and not trying to be punny.

Tips hat,

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