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Visiting Bath, England – Recommended things to do


I’m writing this from the apartment I’ve been staying in here in Bath, England and frankly, not in the mood to leave. I’ve spent two nights in Bath and it’s quickly become a spot I enjoy spending time at here in the United Kingdom. I haven’t been here for a long time but it was enough to get to know the place and share with you, some recommended things to do. There is lots to do in Bath and in this post I’m about to share with you some suggestions on how to pass your time when you visit.

For starters, Bath is named after the Roman Baths so you can’t come to Bath without checking them out. People don’t swim in them anymore or at least they aren’t open to the general public for bathing but they need to be seen. Anyone with even a sliver of an imagination can imagine what they were like in Roman times; it must have been a divine experience.

If you’re going to the Roman Baths, you’ll definitely notice Bath Abbey as it’s right next to the entrance. To say that Bath Abbey is a masterpiece would be an understatement, it’s absolutely massive yet at the same time, built with incredible precision. The attention to detail in Bath Abbey is incredible on its own, let alone for such a massive structure. Go inside, get lost for a while and be glad that you did. It’s still active so if attending a service is your thing, you can do that too.

Just because the original Roman Baths are closed, it doesn’t mean you still can’t have a similar experience but with a modern twist. There are several spas in town and the one I visited was called Thermae Bath Spa. This was quite the operation taking up an entire building which was an entire block in itself. It has multiple floors, an incredible rooftop pool which is not to be missed and a plethora of treatments to try. I really enjoyed the steam rooms and the pools and highly recommend this experience to anyone and everyone visiting Bath.

Do investigate The Royal Crescent, it’s stunning like most of the Georgian era homes built of limestone lining the streets. There is even a museum open to the public should one wish to know more about The Royal Crescent. Be warned though, this is the type of place that will make you want to consider moving to Bath, until you see the property prices that is and then feel grateful you’ve had the opportunity to experience it.

Something I highly recommend you look into when you visit is a hot air balloon experience. Some could call it a ride but it’s not, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Bath is beautiful when walking around the streets but it’s a whole new game from the sky; the Royal Crescent looks particularly special. Something I really liked about the hot air balloon experience was that the launch was in Royal Victoria Park which means you can leisurely walk there from the centre of town. The ride lasted about an hour or so and not only offers incredible views of Bath but also the surrounding countryside.

If you’re coming to Bath you’ll want to stay near the city centre, preferably in it as the city is very walkable. I stayed at The Halcyon Serviced Apartments and Suites and to say I loved the accommodations would be an understatement. They have numerous apartments to choose from and I stayed in apartment number three which is 549 square feet and has great views of George Street and the scene below. The apartment’s location couldn’t have been better  and it was so comfortable I just wanted to move in; it’s tough to beat a great apartment smack in the centre of it all.

Other activities I recommend you do are visit the Jane Austen Centre if you’ve ever heard of her classic novels and I’m sure you have. Stroll the streets and stop in one of the countless character filled pubs or restaurants. I stopped in at Coeur de Lion which is Bath’s smallest bar and let me tell you, it’s tiny but full of energy. They also have lots of different dining options for such a small place. I tried the fish and chips at Saracens Head which is the oldest pub in Bath and highly recommend Charm which is a Thai spot on George St.

London, it’s worth making a quick trip to see the sights, soak in the thermal spa and stroll the streets. If you’re only making a quick visit to the United Kingdom, you can easily take an organized day trip to Bath, that typically includes a visit to Stonehenge as well. That said, regardless of what you do while in Bath, it’s sure to be memorable as the city itself is a world heritage site.

In closing, I’d like to thank my friends at Visit Britain and Visit Bath for their assistance with my trip. As always, Stop Having a Boring life retains all editorial control of what is published.

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