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VIIA Hemp Co’s top-shelf THCA Flower strains

When it comes to the THCA flower, there are many different strains. VIIA Hemp Co is a pioneering force in the rapidly growing hemp industry. The company is well-known for its commitment to providing premium, top-shelf products to you and others who are seeking the best THCA flower strains available on the market. With their cutting-edge cultivation practices, rigorous quality control, and dedication to sustainability, the THCA experts at the VIIA Hemp Co have carved out a name for themselves and the company as very trustworthy providers of high-quality hemp products.

Luminary Frost

Among VIIA’s top-shelf THCA flower strains, Luminary Frost stands out as a great example of genetic selection. This is due to the fact that this particular strain produces large buds that offer a frost-like appearance because of the glistening trichomes that cover its buds. This type of THCA flower is rich in turpentine and will deliver a smooth smoking experience for you and your friends. Many customers like its uplifting effects and the very invigorating feeling it provides for you that will give you a heightened level of creativity and more focus.

Ethereal Euphoria

True to its name, the Ethereal Euphoria offers a celestial experience. This top-shelf strain from the VIIA Hemp Co has gained in popularity because of its potent THCA levels, which consistently exceed normal industry standards. The buds exhibit an ethereal aura and put off a variety of aromas, including citrus, pine, and floral notes. When you consume it, the Ethereal Euphoria will give you a wave of euphoria and relaxation, melting away your stress from work or school while promoting a wonderful sense of tranquility.

Solstice Splendor

As the sun reaches its highest point in the sky during the solstice, so does the experience offered by Solstice Splendor. VIIA Hemp Co cultivates this strain with a very high-level care and nurtures its growth under optimal conditions. The Solstice Splendor flower is very dense and releases an enchanting blend of earthy as well as fruity scents. This means it will captivate your senses each time you inhale it. It also offers a very balanced and calming effect that will bring plenty of harmony to not only your mind but your body as well.

Celestial Skunk

The VIIA Hemp Co’s Celestial Skunk is a great testament to the company’s commitment to sustainable farming practices. This environmentally conscious strain flourishes while being respectful to the surrounding nature. This is a very distinctive strain when it comes to THCA flowers because of its very distinctive skunky aroma and its very dense buds. The THCA levels in this particular flower are unmatched by no other one. This flower has a very energizing and uplifting effect to it which will give you a very well-rounded experience that will help you be more productive and socially engaged. In other words, if you struggle with social anxiety, this is the flower for you.

Nebula Haze

Among the stars, a cosmic wonder awaits, and it is the Nebula Haze flower from the VIIA Hemp Co. This top-shelf strain captures the essence of the universe in its sparkling buds and amazing yet different type of scent that includes a gassy yet fruity aroma. This flower has a high concentration of THCA that will offer you a very blissful state while you gain some introspection and ponder the future.

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