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Vancouver Weekend Trip

Having been sick like a dog for awhile, and on antibiotics until today, it changed the trend of this trip and made me a sedated soul akin to the majority of the residents in this here town, Victoria. This weekend definitely changed that and the trip is done consolidating and ready for another leg up, so to speak.

Caught the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver on Friday, got into town, went to buddies brothers and began drinking pints at his place and random pubs until we finally reached our destination, the B.C Lions game. They are die hard Sask Roughrider fans and madness ensued. When cheering for the opposing team, seems like anyone wearing your colors is someone you’ve known forever, it’s interesting to say the least. The subway / sky train system here is puzzling, there’s no gate for your tickets, one could even assume it was free.

After the game we headed to Gas town to get gassed. Ended up in several bars, most with the name * Whiskey or Whiskey * before settling in at Bourbon. Great times. On the way out it was bedlam trying to get a cab, as a result I flagged down a limo and settled with the driver on a reasonable price to take the 5 of us back to a friends for an afterparty of sorts.  Turns out getting a limo was only fractionally more expensive and exponentially more fun then 2 cabs should you have a group larger than a typical cab can accommodate. I highly recommend you start chatting up a driver should they be at a stop light or near a club you’re at when in a similar situation. Should they not be driving someone, they have nothing to lose. Also try and incorporate some stops into the mix to stretch it out and enjoy the festivities, especially when entertaining.

Along the way we ran into a bunch of arguably diseased and definitely derelict characters, one of which was wearing a blazer with creased khaki’s. We told him if he wishes to produce, he has to change his game plan. (we saw him at start & end of night and was still working on that $5). Granted by the end of the evening he only needed $1 from his initial $5. That guy needs a lesson in street knowledge, if you’re going to bum, the least one can do is look the part. Another enterprising fellow of sorts was selling low quality artistic renderings, my only regret of the evening was not purchasing his “Dragon Rider” when I had the chance. When enquiring about this piece of artistic mastery later in the evening I was informed it was already sold, much to my chagrin.

Upon return to the home, dial a bottle came into effect and before you knew it a massive lasagna was being taken down slightly before the crack of dawn. The next day was a somewhat right off. Ever wake up after what feels like being run over by a mack truck and just “get the day going”? I find when that happens it’s met by a sharp crash into a wall about ~5-7 hours later. Saturday was no exception.

Glad we made the trip to Vancouver, it was an awesome time and now I’m back on the island for the next while. I will leave at sometime this week or early next week. Upon returning home after the weekend we swung by the delicious beverage dispenser and hit up the short game area discussed in a previous post. Perfect way to end a weekend of leisure and gluttony.

BC Lions Game

Finally, if you’re going to a game that isn’t a big deal, just buy your tickets from scalpers, buddy got a considerably better ticket for $8 more than our tickets. No we didn’t take the first offer we got in case you were wondering.

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