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Unexpected Ways To Use Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

Bringing a new look into your home can feel intimidating but it can be really simple. Pick a style you like, grab an accessory or key furniture piece from that aesthetic and get creative. For instance, you can use mid-century dining chairs to add a new flair to your house, and not just in the dining room. Check out a few different ways to use these chairs in a design project you’ll love.

The Look of Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

Mid-century modern dining chairs have a timeless design classic that never goes out of favor. They are defined by their clean lines, ergonomic silhouettes and a mix of natural materials and industrial textures. You can find these chairs in many different colors, but they generally don’t have a lot of ornate design since mid-century styles lean toward a more minimalist look.

Different Uses for Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

While a set of mid-century dining chairs are obviously perfect for a mid-century style dining room, they don’t have to be exclusively used in a single space or in a single way.

Accent Chair

An easy idea is to turn a dining chair into an accent chair. It can add an unexpected point of interest to a room. Just place a stand-out chair in a corner of your living room, den or reading area for a new look. You can do this in multiple rooms, using chairs from the same set in different spaces to unify the home or you can invest in just one chair for the room of your choice.

Desk Chair

Another great use for mid-century modern dining chairs is as desk chairs. While mid-century dining chairs can look very sleek and hard, they are often designed to cradle the body and are very comfortable. Some are even more comfortable than traditional office chairs. They are also way more stylish so you can bring more personality into your workspace. Pair a wooden chair with a vintage or modern desk to create a stylish and functional office that you’ll love to spend time in.

Outdoor Seating

No rule says your dining room chairs have to stay indoors. Mid-century modern dining chairs are often made from durable materials such as teak or metal, so it’s easy to adapt them for outdoor use. Use them on your patio or balcony to create a stylish seating area outside. An outdoor rug is a good addition to soften the look.

Foyer Bench

You may not have thought of using chairs to create a bench, but it works well when you need more seating in your home. You can repurpose mid-century modern dining chairs into a bench by placing two or more chairs together and using a latch or a tie to connect them. Then add a cushion that covers the seats of all the chairs to create one piece. As a bonus, you can use non-permanent connectors and take the chairs apart later when you want to redecorate.

Get Creative With Your Mid-Century Dining Chairs

If you want a mid-century touch in your home, bring in some dining chairs from that era and let your imagination run wild. You may find unexpected ways to use this amazing furniture. Start shopping for chairs and other mid-century modern pieces today at Poly & Bark.

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