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These Are the Different Types of Front Doors for Your Home

Looking for a way to add some instant curb appeal to your home? It’s time to replace your front door! Replacing your entry door can net you a whopping 74.9% ROI, depending on the quality of the new installation.

But with a wide range of types of front doors available, it can be hard to find the style that matches the exterior of your home. If you’re on the fence about your choice, keep reading for some of the most popular front door styles for your project.

1. Solid or Paneled Doors

The most popular types of front doors across the country, these traditional doors offer a clean and classic look to the exterior of your home. Check out elegant custom iron doors if you want a truly solid and secure door for your home.

While solid doors are self-explanatory, paneled doors come in a huge range of options. From the classic Sussex four-paneled door to more complex styles, you’ll find it easy to choose a front door design that reflects your home.

2. Glass Front Doors

For homeowners looking to let a little natural light shine in, glass is one of the best front door types—and it can make a bold statement. Glass doors allow you to make the most of your entryway, treating the space like another window.

Stained glass patterns and designs can add a touch of intrigue to your home’s exterior, and there are a variety of colors and styles available on the market. You can also find doors with wrought iron between glass panels, offering a little extra durability and security.

It’s worth considering, however, that certain glass door styles offer little privacy. Opting for a frosted look can make it more difficult for people to see into your home, but it can also make it more difficult for you to see outside.

In addition, plain glass doors offer little by way of security. Depending on where you live, it may be worth shelling out for a double-paned or reinforced option, both of which will also offer extra home insulation.

Alternatively, for those wanting to pair the benefits of glass with a little more privacy and security, opting for smaller glass panels or a simple window can be another good option.

3. Speakeasy Doors

These doors are the reason speakeasies got their name: patrons had to “speak easy” by providing a password or the name of someone to vouch for them through the door’s latched opening. Today, these doors are a popular front door trend, offering a rustic look to a home.

Speakeasy doors bear a small eye-level window or door, typically square or rectangular in size. Some include a metal grate over the opening, while others include the traditional latch fastening historical speakeasies would have used. Either option allows you to quickly see visitors before you open the door.

These options are one of several front door styles that are perfect for homes with a historic or Gothic feel to them.

4. Double Doors

For larger homes, these front door options can catch the eye while adding easy elegance to a house’s exterior while making a keen impression. They’re ideal for houses that have high ceilings as well as spacious or eye-catching entryways, as they can highlight a home’s unique architectural features.

Practically speaking, double doors are great for moving large items into a home—and if you have many people or family members coming in and out of your home.

Your home style may dictate your ability to opt for this type of door, so home builders may want to consider this as a viable option before getting too far into planning.

5. Pivot Doors

As the name suggests, these doors swing on a pivot hinge instead of using traditional side hinges. These doors are relatively rare in modern homes, making them a great conversation starter!

Pivot doors offer a simple and modern appearance, with a streamlined look and clean lines. They don’t require a frame, are often larger than classic home doors, and have a larger clearance than most home doors.

To get this versatile door style, you may need to have your pivot door custom-made, which can add extra expense.

6. Arched and Round-Top Doors

Arched and round-top doorways offer a quirky or classic aesthetic to your home, depending on how they’re used, and they have a history dating back to Roman times and ancient cathedrals. They continue to be popular with homeowners today, though they’re unique enough that you may be the only one in your neighborhood to have one!

These front door types can add timeless old-world charm to the front of your home, and they can be customized to include a variety of materials, styles, and windows.

7. Dutch Doors

Looking for charming curb appeal? The classic farmhouse aesthetic has been making a comeback in recent years, and with it the rustic Dutch door.

These European doors are split horizontally down the middle, allowing you to open just the top or bottom half of the door if you so choose. They also come with a latch connecting the two, allowing you to open and close the door as you would any other solid wood door.

If you’re hoping to get more fresh air while keeping pets and children inside, Dutch doors can be a great choice. They also allow you to interact with visitors and delivery personnel with ease.

However, Dutch doors can be hard to insulate, and those in humid areas may find that the changing seasons can warp both halves of the door, making it harder to keep them in sync.

Choose the Right Types of Front Doors

As you consider your options, decide which of these popular styles might add to your home’s curb appeal. From there, you can start narrowing down your decision based on your home’s existing exterior. With a little research and consideration, you’ll have no trouble landing on one of these common types of front doors for your home!

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