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5 TV Shows From the 1980s That Won’t Be Forgotten

The 1980s cemented the pillars of modern television shows. Not only do these shows rank very high on IMDBs top 100 ranks, but they inspired plenty of others. From action crimes to comedies and everything in between, we present to you the 5 shows from the 1980s that won’t be forgotten.

With all that said, let’s start.

Miami Vice

Without a doubt, Miami Vice was the staple of 1980s television. The era of detective action crime dramas would have never existed if it wasn’t for James, Ricardo, Gina, Trudy, Stan, and Lieutenant Castillo. Simply said, Miami Vice was way ahead of its time. The fast-paced action edits, the gorgeous but dangerous Miami nightlife, and who could forget the cool lifestyle and fashion styles?

Reflecting on it, many viewers put the show in their top 10s of all time. After watching a few episodes its’s clear what fashion trends Miami Vice made popular. But when it comes to being a trendsetter, Miami Vice was the staple of fashion. Simply said, the Ricardo Tubbs Blazer is just one fashion trend of 1980s cop crime shows.

Married With Children

Fox is a huge name in television. The company has hundreds of shows, with more launching every single year. But there was a time when Fox was this small-time wannabe television company. And at that time, one of their very first shows was Married With Children.

The show was a hit, but not at first. In the beginning, experts say that Married With Children actually put Fox in hot water. At that time, Married With Children gave audiences a taste for comedy like none before. The satiric elements of the show made it a hit after a few seasons running.

The plot of the show revolved around a family of four. The father, Al Bundy played by Ed O’Neill, and mother, Peg played by Katey Sagal, couldn’t stand each other. And they couldn’t care less about their two kids, Kelly and Bud. Al watches TV all day long and complains about his miserable job at a woman’s shoe store and is probably the highlight of the show. The uniqueness of all four characters sparked protests from family value groups throughout the US. But all that managed to achieve is generate more popularity for the show.


Cheers is a statement that it doesn’t matter who you are just as long as you have people around you’ll be fine. What seemed an unlikely bunch of people from various walks of life can indeed be a family. The TV show Cheers was a huge success in the 80s. It went for 11 seasons and it made Kelsey Grammer’s career.

One of the main themes of the show was for the gang to sit in a local Boston Bar, conveniently named “Cheers”. It didn’t matter the occasion, just the chance to drink or occasionally work there. Despite Norm living a pretty miserable life and hating his wife, Carla clearly failing to financially support her kids, Sam living a post-baseball nightmarish life, and Cliff being a lonely mailman, the show managed to inspire the best in us by teaching us about unity.


Yet another cop show, Moonlighting was very different from Miami Vice and that’s exactly what made it special and so unforgettable. Nowadays, it seems every cop show is the same. Boring characters, predictable outcomes, and scenes we’ve all seen before.

But Moonlighting is the show before the likes of Castle. A comedy-drama mystery show that was vastly unique for its time. If you’ve never seen a young pre-Die Hard Bruce Willis, then Moonlighting is a must-watch for you. Playing Detective David Addison, Bruce Willis along with his partner, ex-model, and stunning-looking Cybill Shepherd, solved cases and managed a detective agency.

The show aired for 5 seasons. After that, Bruce Willis launched to stardom with Die Hard.

Night Court

The wacky portrayal of a Manhattan courtroom is the reason why Night Court is another 80s show the audience will never forget. But it’s far more than that. The jazzy intro song is a classic example of why the 80s were so great. More so, we all loved every time a new celebrity made an appearance on the show.

From James Cromwell to Michael J. Fox and even Wile E. Coyote made an appearance that one time. The show was a great way to relax after a long and hard day’s work. The goofy staff of the Manhattan court and the judge’s obsession with magic tricks made the show one of the best of its time.

It even fares pretty darn well by today’s television standards. But one thing is for certain, the show’s nine seasons of courtroom antics served as an inspiration for future prosecutors and judges.

Finishing Thoughts

The 80s were certainly simpler times. The hairs were wacky, the fashion timeless, and the shows unforgettable. if you’ve never watched any of the 5 shows on this list, then we suggest you give them a try as you’ll find all kinds of similarities with modern television.

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