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Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk

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An adjustable height desk is such a great investment for people who work from home. As you may already know, sitting down on a chair for too long may cause health problems in the long term. But, how can you work if you are not sitting down? Fortunately, you can alleviate the issues by getting an adjustable height desk that allows you to work while standing up. This kind of desk is very useful for people who work in front of their computers a lot.

Benefits of an adjustable height desk

Working for long hours while sitting may cause numerous issues in your body. In the long term, these issues could get even worse and if nothing is done about them, you might regret it. Here are some benefits of using an adjustable height desk.

  • No more back problems
  • Better for your arms and shoulders
  • No more leg cramps
  • You can move freely while working

Working while standing up is surprisingly great for your body. You can move around, and your arms and shoulders will thank you. You can take it one step further by using a treadmill too. And if you have worked while sitting down, you must know how difficult it is to adjust yourself to your desk’s height.

The reason why I want to talk about adjustable height desks is that I just got two from a store today. They come with tough materials, glass tops, and metal structures. I am surprised by how easy the setup process is. It took me only about 10 minutes to get them out of the packaging and set them up.

These adjustable height desks come with remote charging stations on the glass surface. I personally love this feature so much, that’s why I like these desks a lot. There are also two USB ports on the side, complete with the lock button. Also, LEDs and of course the button to adjust the height. The speed is rather slow, though, so you better be patient and let the desk adjusts its own height at its own pace. I don’t really think it’s a problem, you can just stand up or sit down and start working while waiting for the desk to position itself.

Further review of the desk

I love how sturdy and stable the desks are. Both desks come with constructed high-quality MDF PVC laminated top and strong metal frame legs. You can pretty much have a desktop setup with multiple monitors on top of the desk. The leg pads can also be adjusted to make sure the desk is stable even on uneven ground.

Considering the material, the desks are also easy to clean and waterproof. No need to worry about water damage and in case you spilled some liquid, just use a napkin to dry it. As mentioned above, I am surprised how it is easy to set the desks up. If you don’t have anyone to help you, don’t worry. The tools and instructions provided are more than enough to help you with the process.

Adjusting the height

Now, this is the most important part of this review. To adjust the height, simply press and hold the H button for 4 seconds until you see the number flashes on the LED display. There are four predetermined heights that you can choose from H1 to H4. Or, if you want custom height, you can use the up and down arrows on the left side. And that’s pretty much it.

Also, before you change the height, make sure nothing is preventing the table from moving up and down. Usually, people have problems with cables coming out of their computer screen, keyboard, mouse, etc. So clean up the cables and make sure nothing is obstructing the desk. Be mindful of the weight as well, don’t put anything unnecessary and heavy on the desk.


Overall, I am very happy with these adjustable height desks. And I can recommend adjustable height desks to anyone who wants to be more productive without compromising their health. There are so many choices for you, so make sure you do your research before purchasing one. But I am sure any reputable brand will make you happy.

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