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Train from Stockholm to Trondheim to Oslo


Took a night train from Stockholm, Sweden to Trondheim, Norway then to Oslo. The train from Stockholm to Trondheim was a night train.Chilled in Trondheim for about 3 hours then took a train to Oslo, Norway. Since my phone is dead I did not get a msg I needed, instead of paying for a hotel, I am taking a night train to Stavanger aka Oil City.

The train was odd, let me explain in a moment. There was 1 layover in Are, Sweden which is the mountain biking mecca of this part of the world. Also the tallest peak in Sweden.  Along the way I was sleeping, always ask if someone will wake you up, old grandma type are great and never mind. I also saw my hero, well his property. I woke up and there lake was like a mirror, in front was a private 3 hole golf course. That is living my friends, no green fees and endless practice. If you have land and a few holes you can build an 18 just different starting points. Lots of par 3, maybe a par 4 or so and a par 5, indeed.

There was this lady, where I was sitting who was eating what looked like moldy vomit, each time she eat, she had to clean herself with a bib, she smelt like rotting garbage on a hot summers day. Suffice to say, no one else sat there. It was interesting. Norway is ridiculously priced, 12E for a Big Mac combo, huh!? Seriously, outta control.

The train from Trondheim to Oslo was great. The first class in Norway is truly 1st class, even get free coffee, like it matters. The ticket would have cost 100E. Supposedly there is a 9E reservation fee but I never had to pay it, sick. The ticket overnight from Oslo to Stavanger is free as well. Basically since I have no where to sleep and the only time I will drop 100E on an evening is if it involves an egregious pub crawl, I am going to Stavanger. I will chill there then take another night train back to Oslo.

From Oslo, the plan is to go to Coppenhagen, then take a night train to Amsterdam. From Amsterdam, take a night train to Prague, en route to Poland, of course.

Figure this pass is expiring, why not milk it.

I hate the term tired, but cannot think of a better way to describe the current state. Hopefully there isnt a lady who smells like rotten garbage on this night train. I would like to stay in Coppenhagen longer but this whole part of the world feels like home and is priced like home, time to go to greener pastures on my way back to Asia. Also after staying with friends for almost 2 weeks, hostels have become what they were before I left, not so attractive. I would rather share a room with vomit lady then a dorm, ok not really.

I am in the market for a new camera, new computer and perhaps an iphone.

Any recommendations on a camera or computer?

Supposedly Norway is cheap for cameras, guy at store said it is because people are importing them from Poland, if you are going to Poland… Yeah you can add 2+2 cant you!?

The customer service here is slow, the bank has 1 teller, the ticket booths, 1 teller.

The landscape in Norway is out of control, basically I have just been at a nature museum all day, wish I had a camera but such is life.

This is all happening since I missed my train to Oslo yesterday. Instead I hung out with a lady friend and we visited the Photography Museum in Stockholm, I recommend it, the cost is 9.5E. Also if you go there and hostel, there is a cool hostel that is reasonably priced on a boat, in the harbor, would be a cool experience, I dare say.

Eat some sushi last night, I need to eat more, is it just me or is spicy tuna roll arguably the best thing ever invented!?

This internet costs 5E for 15 minutes, suffice to say we are done here.

Tips hat,

P.S: Nothing

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